My High School Years

My High School Years

During the last four years of high school I wasn’t sure that I was able to succeed in studying process - My High School Years introduction. As far as I remember, I have come to America without knowing English at all. Leaving my native country, Thailand, was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made. As I expected, during the first day in American high school it was really difficult for me to find a new friend, to communicate with other people in English and, actually, to understand them. Therefore, I was baffled and confused and wished I would never come to America. Secondly, my family and I have moved many times, and because of my language disadvantages it was hard for me to keep up with school work. I was disappointed when suddenly I had to move to other high school, especially from one state to other state.

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Every school year was a nightmare.  Starting the forth year at my new high school was even worse compared to my first day at high school or constant attempts to find a new friend. Last month before my graduation, I finally have got to know that I haven’t made it, because I haven’t passed an English part of California High School Exit Exam.  Despite the fact that my average grade point was 3.6 with a consecutive honor, I didn’t get what I deserved because of new requirements of high school.

My soul was screaming when I marched on my graduation day to receive a cover of my diploma. It’s was the most awful day in my life. As I expected, during the last four terrible years at high school, I realized I had made a good decision to come here. I have learned more English and now I am able to communicate with other people. However, I had to work hard to get where I am right now. Finally, I have found many new friends, and also I have got my diploma in 25 days after my graduation day. I believe that my hard work will be paid off if I work hard.

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