My Hobbies

Travelling is a fascinating way to discover and know the new things, surely, much more than studying geography, history and local culture on books full of pictures - My Hobbies introduction. Of course, I must pay a price for this experience with costs to afford, a good level of organization for me and the persons travelling with me. This, either for work and tourist travels. I like to travel too, although I can’t make it as much as I desire because I don’t have enough money and time.

It’s not necessary they are long travels; also a short trip is always an enrichment in my life. Also a travel for work can be interesting, if I use the hours of free time to make some tours in the town where I stay. In Bandung, where I have often be sent for some duty activity by the unit for which I work, this is possible and pleasant; Bandung in the morning and in the evening is always beautiful, all to be discovered.

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A travel can be a pleasant and interesting experience, firstly, for the fun and relax I can enjoy because a stressing and tiring holiday is a nonsense for me; if I must stress myself, it’s much better to stay at home, at least, it less tiring and expensive. So, my travel must be interesting and stimulating because visiting a new place makes me know something new, a new natural environment, new people with which I can talk and exchange our experiences and pleasant things to remember and tell in the following years.

Surely, I don’t make a travel to spend the entire time making shopping, staying in noisy and brain-stirring discotheques all night long (to be obliged to sleep all the morning to recover the energies) and eating in fast-foods! A travel like this would have no value for me. Just knowing new people is very interesting; if I go abroad, which afforded by my unit, I can make practice of a foreign language I have studied to improve it in speaking and listening, so that it’s beautiful to discover what we have in common and not.

I also love very much nature and local art and monuments; there’s no doubt that seeing personally towns, monuments, artworks or the natural landscapes in which I can walk is much better that watching them on TV or on a book. 3 dimensions are better than 2! Travelling is also a challenge to my unit that can always be improved in the planning work before the travel and during the travel itself, to face the possible problems I can meet.

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