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My Hometown

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My hometown is at Laungprabang province, which locates in the north of Laos. This city is also well known as the world heritage site and this is a place of many tourists want to visit most in my country. The attraction of my hometown is the combination of cultural and natural sites. When you come to Laungprabang you will feel like you are in the ancient time because most of the buildings are built about 100 years ago and the government as well as local people still preserves them in a good condition.

Temples are all around the city, with the kindness and hospitality of local people have made my hometown is one of the charming place to visit. Apart from the cultural characteristic of my place, you also can feel the fresh air of the natural.

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Laungprang is surrounded by the mountains, Mekong river runs through the city, whilst the other side is the location of large green farm. The famous of natural tourist destination might be the Kwangsi waterfall, which is located about 5 km from the city.

You can get there by bus or by touk touk, this is the most famous waterfall in my hometown. The waterfall is about 12meters high with very clean and pure blue water; you will sometimes see the wildlife animal when you visit this waterfall. Another important and famous place is Ting cave, this cave locates on the Mekong river bank; the only way that you can go there is by boat. Inside this cave you can find many of Buddha images, this is also the popular tourist destination of many people. Laungprabang has been rewarded as the best tourist destination in two years from 2009-2012. This guarantee that, this is the best place to visit one day in your life. I am proud to born in this city and this is all about my hometown.

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