My Ideal City

            Not much hustles and bustles… A mixture of peaceful hushes of the wind, and the low lying murmur of modernization. I would want to reside in a city where I can still smell the scent of fresh air, yet my eyes can play with the fondness of civilization and modern infrastructures. Scattered smudges of greens from trees… Dramatic and lighted fountains, abstract statues, modern parks, libraries, educational and recreational institutions… My ideal city might sound complicated as modernity and being classic conflict each other. But this great mixture, for me, when put to reality, will make a real ideal city.

            The roads and bridges must portray security and aesthetic quality, through its manly, sturdy and sophisticated structure. People will find ease and eye-pleasure passing through these infrastructures like they just want to travel all their life. I would want to stroll along a street where houses speak of sophistication through huge glass doors and windows. White, blue, black and gray colours of formality are painted on the walls. These will exude a clean and contemporary elegance in the eyes of daily passers by. I would love to talk a stroll to marvellous parks by lake side or by the bay. I would still love to see the sun set at the horizon that sets the waters and the sky apart. I would love to breathe in a city where toxic industrial parks do not exist. Where parents never worry about the air and the water their children consume. I would like to drive along roads where traffic rules are golden. Where traffic lights work like strict law implementers of the state, and where drivers care enough about commuters to put every golden traffic rule in mind.

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            I would like to be in a city where people do not prioritize being better above everybody else. I would like to socialize with groups of people who value camaraderie and hospitality. A city with these kinds of people would radiate a harmonious relationship between neighbours, and my ideal city would surely include that aspect on the list. The streets of the city will never give off the irritating and frightening sirens of police cars. I would want to settle in a city where crime rates are never worries of the people and city officials.

            Modernity really looks appealing. And yes, an ideal city may touches of it. But for me, a city made up of modernity entirely can be considered as a city without a heart. Pure modernity leaves no space for the natural things which actually gives colour, radiance and life to the modern walls of a city. And my idea of city is actually a mixture of modernization and naturality. I would like to reside in a place that is able to preserve the coolness of the breeze the trees bring, the pleasure of a boat ride on a lake and the clearness of an unpolluted blue sky. And also a place which is open to the new, the simple, the sophisticated taste of modernization.

*an illustration of my ideal city.


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