“My Ideal Profession” A School Teacher or a Corporate Secretary

There are various fields offered by the society in today’s competitive world.  However, the expansion of the limits of the society also commenced the perception that there will be a massive rise of need with regard to the sagacity and competency of the individuals performing the diverse needs and requirements that humanity demands.  As natural citizens, it is inevitable that each individual, student particularly will have to find a job, earn for a living and get employed in a job fit for the personality and skills acquired in the earlier days of one’s life - “My Ideal Profession” A School Teacher or a Corporate Secretary introduction. Every individual possess distinctive skill, different interest, and specific areas of specialization.

I believe in the perception that for one person to be thoroughly convinced that he or she is capable for an administrative profession, one must be equipped with the twists and turns of the job.  A corporate secretary or a school teacher would be fitting jobs for me; however, to compare both fields, I would gladly choose the verity of having to personally and directly serve those who acquire the fundamental and primary needs of individuals.  A corporate secretary may have higher wages and cozy desks, but a school teacher’s job does not only cater the administrative and factual realms. A teacher is considerably not only an occupation, but it is also a form of admiration to people, it has the larger chance to interact more with individuals and my extent on learning does not only end on my desk, it may extend even to the psychological, emotional and social well-being of my students.

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It seems odd that there people who seek for the “easier” job when the actual point of having a job is to actually serve, perhaps the schema of the “patriot” trait has long been forgotten.  But I believe that it is through the school teachers that any person gets the glimpse of achieving one’s dream—and I live with that kind of dream.  As a corporate secretary, I may be remembered for being the person who gives my boss the list appointments that he or she has, or perhaps I could answer calls from V.I.P.’s or business tycoons known all over the globe, but my name will not be kept dear in the hearts with whom I communicate with, hence, a school teacher’s name is remembered not only for having been employed in an institution, but also because it has touched one’s life.  In the book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Morrie was a teacher who never believed in the success brought upon by wealth or by fame—he believed that his profession is astoundingly the best amongst any other kind of job.  The happiness by which he has found, with the numerous test papers and essays he needed to read and check each night was far more than piling papers to earn money.  It connotes a different form of fulfillment, a higher form of satisfaction.  I would not say that a corporate secretary will not achieve happiness in a job, but in an ideological perspective, a school teacher’s personality shall be well harnessed through the light of the daily challenged faced in the classroom.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder why others prefer “just sitting” on their desks, handling phone calls when they could share what they know to those who are hungry for their service.  School teachers are like heroes, they help people draw out the real potential inside of them.  Like community service, school teachers render services more than the wage that they get.  Sometimes, they realize things which they have not realized before through the eyes of their students, and other profession cannot offer that kind of spontaneous learning. The joy is not only seen on the paycheck I receive but with the scores of my students, realizing that I have helped a student fulfill not only his or her dreams but as well as the parents of the person.  It may not be as easy as that of the latter, but the point of fact that I am able to help a group of students is grandeur than only benefiting few. The ‘real’ profession is not sought on what is gained in our pockets, it is seen on how many faces recognized and cherished how we have helped them, how we have changed their lives,  how we guided them to become the best that they shall be.


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