My Life at Junior High Essay

It was not until my junior year of high school that I started really caring about my schoolwork - My Life at Junior High Essay introduction. I was very determined to raise my grade point average and start applying myself. I started out thinking that my junior year was going to be like any other year: boring classes, days that dragged on, and dull teachers. That year, however, I came to realize that without some of my teachers, I probably would not have worked as hard as I did in school. When I decided to start taking an interest in my classes, I was given an extra push that encouraged me not to give up but to work to my full potential.

Miss Julie Neal, a short, plump, and jolly young woman who loved wearing purple, was my physics teacher. Ms. Neal was not the most popular teacher, but she did her job well. Always prepared for class everyday, she would greet us in the morning with a bright smile as she held her Starbucks in her hand. Now, science never had been my strongest subject. Because physics was so different than any other science course that I had taken, I was a little scared of how I would do in that class. It turned out that I was actually very good at physics; it just came easy to me.

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I like how physics applies to real life rather than things that probably never will be useful knowledge. While I had the highest grade in the class, Ms. Neal always would be happy to help me out whenever I needed it or answer any question that I had for her. I really felt comfortable in her classroom, and I loved how it was okay if I wanted to raise my hand or ask a question, instead of being quiet and blending in with the sleepy, bored crowd. My teacher for my junior language arts class was Jason Appling. This man is not only a teacher to me, but also he is one of the most influential people in my life.

I always talked to him about everything, and he would listen. Appling is six feet, four inches tall, has a big gut, and a shiny, shaved head. He has over fifteen tattoos and does not give a flip about what people think. His style of teaching is anything but traditional. Whenever the class was reading whatever material we were covering, Appling would not just tell us to read X amount of chapters and give us a quiz the next day. He really made us find some kind of interest in what we were studying, no matter what it was we were reading. Appling has a big passion for literature, and I respect that greatly.

He is never afraid to say what is on his mind to his students. I think that is why most every one of his students love him so much; he does not stand in front of the class as a teacher, but as a person. Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between the two to many high schoolers. As far as teaching goes, Ms. Neal and Appling could not be any more opposite. However, despite their way of teaching and their physical appearances, both were just as effective in my life regarding my education. I no longer thought of school as just something that I had to get up and do everyday.

My second and fifth period classes were my favorite parts of the day because of my teachers. As I walked into class, Ms. Neal’s greeting would be something like, “ Good morning, Stephanie! Have any trouble with the homework last night? ” When walking into Appling’s ole’ trailer classroom, “Hey, Boyd. Come here and grade the rest of these papers ,will you? I’m gonna go on a smoke break real quick. ” Yes, the two were quite different. I liked how Ms. Neal and Appling always would push me, when I needed to be pushed. Just because I started getting better at school does not mean that it was always easy.

I wanted to slack sometimes, like every other kid. I did not think of it as a bad thing, if I wanted to take a little break. Everyone needs a break now and then. When Ms. Neal had asked me to try out AP Physics as an elective class, I was shocked that she even thought I could do it. I never had taken an AP class before. Now, I do regret not actually trying to get in the class: I know I could have done it. I talked to Appling about it later on. He told me that as long as I was satisfied with what I’ve accomplished this year, there was no need to stress about it

Appling taught me how to write. I am not saying that I am a great writer, but I absolutely used to despise writing papers and essays. They were the hardest thing to do, and it always took me forever to come up with something. Sometimes, Appling would assign four formal essays to write – one every day Monday through Thursday. Then, on Friday, he would make only one of those papers due, and would not tell the class which one it would be. That being said, I wrote a lot in that class. I actually wrote my essay for the SAT about one of Appling’s “sermons” that he would give the class every week.

Appling really taught me how to write about things that I know and how to make a point be seen. Both of those classes, physics and language arts, were classes that, at first, seemed like nothing new to me. I had taken science before, and I had taken language arts. Because I had such great teachers who actually made me take an interest in my own work though, they really made me see school in a new way. I feel kind of sorry for the kids who never have had a teacher to made a difference to them. I am still an average student; I am never the best in the class, but never the worst, either.

It really felt good to take one more step forward, though. I never had taken school that seriously before my junior year, but now, I see it differently. Again, I am not the smartest kid out there, but I think it is good to test myself. Ms. Neal and Appling made me see school differently and also that how hard I tried in school can relate to anything in life, like a job. If I work hard, I get rewarded. I used to think that writing the last page of a paper was the hardest part of the whole essay. It is tough, but I know that I can fight those moments, when my mind draws a blank.

I know what I know, I just have to make the reader believe that. That is something that Appling taught me. I guess it is just still so astounding to me what a long way I have come – I am in college now! I know that I would not have pushed myself as hard, if I had not had Ms. Neal or Appling as my teachers. I think every student should have a teacher who touches their life in some way; a teacher that they will remember. A lot of my friends say that, eventually, high school will seem like a blur or a faded memory that I will seldom look back on after college.

As much as I am loving the college life, I hope that I never will forget my last two years of high school. Those years have so much to do with where and who I am now. One of the most important things that I will remember is being in Ms. Neal’s and Appling’s classrooms. Those two people were so significantly different but so alike at the same time. They had different personalities and really different looks, but they both reached out to me in the same way; they cared. They were not just teachers but friends. They were friends who taught me how to work to my full potential and never quit.

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