My Not So Ideal Vacation

My Not So Ideal Vacation

My vision of an ideal vacation is staying in a place where I can relax my mind and body from work and stress. A time where I can do whatever I want without thinking of my tasks for the next day. Vacation for me is a time where all I can think of is to have fun, relax, and eat a lot. I love vacations because it gives me an avenue to enjoy the world and the company of my friends and family thus, when I am allowed to go on vacation, I always grab the opportunity, specially if it involves visiting places I have never been. The exhilaration I feel is juts so high that I can’t help but get excited. Vacation trips are supposed to be enjoyable and fun, however, I realized that not all vacation trips give a feeling of ease and relaxation.

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Last month, my family decided to go on vacation to the Philippines, an Asian country. We decided to spend our vacation in Boracay, a beach with fine white sand. Many foreigners are also spending their vacation in this beach. I presumed that it will be a fun vacation until I saw the houses of the locals in the area and the children who are risking their life in the sea. The children I am speaking of work like toys. Whenever one throws a coin into the water, they immediately dive and catch the coin. Many are fascinated with how fast they catch the coin. However, I felt otherwise. I pitied the children because while they are causing happiness to foreigners, they are also placing their lives in danger. They are diving into the deep water of the sea without any protection. Anything can happen to them. The worse part is, the only pay off for this great risk a low amount of coin. Having witnessed this, I suddenly realized that there is more than just having fun and relaxing. Instead of spending my week off simply enjoying the beach, I spent it in knowing more about the community and the state of living there. I learned that the locals barely make both ends meet. They live by the day and depend entirely on the sea. If there are storms or big waves, the content themselves eating rice and salt. This vacation, instead of giving me feelings of ease and relaxation, moved me to sympathize with the people. It opened my eyes to the realities that lie at the other end of the world. I realized that vacations are not all about fun, it also making your free time worthwhile through knowing more about the world, the kind of life they are living and how you as an individual can help in bringing change to their community. I spent my vacation, chatting with the locals and knowing how they live, visiting their houses and witnessing how they make a living through the sea and how the sea endangers their life.

            My vacation may not have fitted into my definition of an ideal one but I can say that this exposure is one of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever had in my life. It has taught me to appreciate the blessings that I have and to become more aware of what’s happening in the other side of the globe.

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