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It was a warm and sunny morning - My observations Essay introduction. Nikki just woke up from his slumber while all the people around him are busy preparing for work. Nikki is a three-year old child who lives with his parents, his aunt, and grandparents. They migrated from the Philippines three years ago. Nikki was born in the United States but his family still strictly observes the Filipino culture. Their family is closely knitted and almost everyone is involved in raising Nikki.

Nikki’s parents work full-time so he is left to his grandfather all day. On that particular morning, Nikki was not in a very cheerful mood. He refused to take a bath and eat his breakfast. When he saw his pet puppy, Nikki followed the puppy with his grandfather tailing behind him telling him to finish his food first. When finally Nikki agreed to take a bath and get dressed for school, almost one hour has already passed.

Nikki’s grandfather then walked him to his child care center which is just a 10-minute walk from their house. Upon seeing his classmates, Nikki excitedly waived goodbye to his grandfather and entered his classroom.

As soon as the all the children entered the classroom, they immediately began their morning routine. They located their photograph on the table and matched their name on the attendance chart to indicate their attendance. After doing this, Nikki went outside together with his friend Daniel to feed the rabbit. This was part of their morning chore. While feeding the rabbit, Nikki and Daniel were telling each other stories about their pets. After their chore, Nikki and Daniel run around the room. They went to Michael who was at that time watering the plants. Nikki told Daniel and Michael about the story his grandfather told him. When their teacher saw that most of the children have finished their chores, she called them inside the classroom and they began the session with warm-up activities.

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