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My Own Child Observation

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It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I was observing the children playing in the a small playground in the southern campus. The unexpected sunshine makes everything beatiful today. There are lots of equipments here for children to entertain, such as swing, slide, see saw, spring rider, which remind me my childhood, too. Since today is Thursday, the number of children is less than usual. However, at least I had some children to observe. I focused on the twins, Steve and Bela, who hanging around together in the playground.

They are around 3-4 years old. I observed that my children’s behavior consistent with an age range in the Guidelines.

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My Own Child Observation
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During the half an hour when I was observing them, I found out some of their behaviors can link to the Washington State Guidelines. First, “Identify favorite and familiar activites. ”(p. 58) Second, I found they are “Engage in play with other children. Join in groupactivities. ” Thirdly, “Express delight in own abilities.

(“I did it myself! ”) ” Lastly, “Initiate interactions and engage in play with adults. ” When Bela get into the playground, she was running into the spring rider, and I observed that she likes the sea horse like spring rider especially.

Even though there are shark like spring rider and car like spring ride, she was only sitting on the sea horse one with light yellow color. I talked to their mama when they were playing. Their mama told me that they lived in that neiborhood so she brings these twins to park almost everyday. According to these evidence, I can tell that the sea horse like spring rider is Bela’s favorite activities. Her brother, Steve, is kind of different from Bela. He likes to try differient equipments. And he is easy to get tired with one equipment, he usually won’t keep playing one equipment exceed 3 minutes.

Another thing that noticed was that they “Engage in play with other children. Join in groupactivities. ” There were around 5 children in the playground. Other children looked one or two years older than the twins. I assumed that Bela and Steve didn’t know them before. After few minutes, they begin to talk to each other since there are activity that needs partner to play, for example, see saw. They seemed like having a lots of fun. Then they gathered together to discuss something. I can’t hear them because the I was standing few meters away from them. Then they started playing a game.

They raced across the playground. This indicates that the children in this age can engage in play with other children. Steve was racing across the playground with another child, lost the race and fell to the ground. He then started to cry and called himself a loser. He was looking for mama after felling to the ground. His mama pulled him aside to try to talk to him to find out what was wrong. He kept telling his mama that he was a loser because he didn’t win the race and he never wins, and that “all my friends think I am a loser because I cry all the time.

They make fun of me because I cry. They beat me up. I am a loser. ” His mother tried to reassure him and tell him that she did not think he was a loser. She explained how she thought one of the reasons he lost the race was because he had been climbing across the rings for most of recess was tired from racing. He continued to cry even after his friends came over and tried to get him to play. He just sat in the sand sobbing, so I tried to tell him that his friends came over and asked him to play so it did not appear that they think he is a loser.

He said they would beat him up. I tried to get him to go and see if they would play; initially, he refused to interact with his friends but then he got up and tried to find his friends. This indicates that “Find ithard to cooperate when tense, hungry scared, sad, angry, etc. , resulting inbehavior thatis hurtful, harmful orwithdrawn” The empirical study article that I found is “Child’s Play: An empirical study of the relationship between the physical form of schoolyards and children’s behavior” by Lianne Fisman. There are majorly two parts of this article.

The first part is reviews the previous literature. Dicussing about development and importance of natural experience, including the psychological and social development, as well as access to knowledge. The second part of the article is the exploratory study that the author had done with two third grade classes at Worthington Hooker Elementary School in New Haven. This author of this article did a lots of studies. The result is that “ the students pointed out a variety of hazards that have been overlooked by adult designers including splinters …hard paved surface while playing soccer.

It isessential that as research on the schoolyard moves forward, the insights provided by thestudents are put into practice—after all, the schoolyard is their environment! ” One thing that I found my child’s behavior consistent with the empirical article is that “One of the goals of the yard was to demonstrate that a higher quality outdoor environment would help improve the quality of children’s social relationships and broaden the range of educational opportunities. During my observation, I saw the children engage in talking to and playing with each other. They communicated, interacted, and shared ideas. They listened to each other and decided which game are they going to play.

Even though Steve was upset at the end, the value of group work still appeared. In conclusion, my child’s behavior was basically consistent with the Guidelines, and the empirical research article. The girl Bela had the preference on the sea horse look spring ride shows that she has the ability to “Identify favorite and familiar activites. However, her brother Steve doesn’t has a favorite equipment. The children got know each other and played the game together in the playground shows they are “Engage in play with other children. Join in group activities. ” Lastly, Steve fell into ground and can’t stop crying shows children “Find ithard to cooperate when tense, hungry scared, sad, angry, etc. , resulting inbehavior thatis hurtful, harmful or withdrawn”

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