My Own Thoughts About Capital Punishment

Electrocution, gas chamber,  lethal injection, field shooting all are forms of the death penalty used across the United States.Some believe that when one person takes the life of another, that person’s life should be taken as well.They should pay for what they did. But honestly . . . is capital punishment used to make the murderer pay for what he did? Or is it simply revenge?

Capital punishment is wrong. In my opinion, it is barbaric. It is revenge, and it teaches revenge as well. Do two wrongs make a right? Do two murders instead of one make everything okay? We need to distinguish the difference between our emotions and what is right. I will admit—if someone killed someone I loved, I would probably want that person to die. But I would be irrationally thinking, too blinded by grief and emotion to tell the difference between right and wrong.

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The death penalty gives criminals a way out. If the punishment for murder was life imprisonment, I would think that most criminals would rather die than face the rest of their lives in jail. I think all murderers should sit and rot in jail where they can think about what they’ve done, and know that Hell is in their future. I think God will find his avenge, and who are we to decide when a person should die whether guilty or innocent?

That’s not our decision.Plus, exactly how long does a prisoner wait on death row? Some people wait more than 20 years! Some experts say Congress would have eliminated the death penalty long ago, had there been more cases. As it is, they feel that going through the entire “law-removal” process would be a waste of time.

Capital punishment conflicts with the 8th amendment: “No cruel and unusual punishment.”It is cruel to murder! Whether it is a punishment or not, it is cruel! It also clearly clashes with the 5th commandment in the bible, “Thou shalt not kill.” It does not say, “Thou shalt not kill unless you are given permission”  “unless you’re getting revenge,” etc. There is always that nagging little fact that we may never be sure whether or not a “criminal” is guilty.

In over one hundred cases it was found that the “murderer was innocent, after their punishment was taken out!The death penalty is a very controversial issue, one which nearly everyone has an opinion. The one question everyone needs to answer for themselves is “Is it revenge… or is it a punishment?” There is a thin line between one’s emotions and what’s right. Maybe there is no correct answer to whether the death penalty is justice or murder, but it continues to be an issue that is widely disputed.

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