My Personal Environment Essay

- My Personal Environment Essay introduction.

(1) There are many ways that my personal environment can affect my health.  Many of the products that I use everyday can have a negative affect on my health.  For example, deodorizing sprays such as Lysol and even some scented candles release toxins when they are used.  Also, carpeting is somewhat harmful because it can hold dust and mold that I’m breathing in on a daily basis, which might lead to allergies or breathing problems later.  I could improve my health by purchasing cleaning products and air fresheners from health food stores because they usually sell only natural products that do not contain harmful toxins.  I could also make sure my living space has tile floors instead of carpeting.  The tile will be easier to keep free from dusts and mold.

(2) I agree that I could do landscaping such as planting trees and flowers in order to help remove air pollutants and improve air quality.  This will help in my personal environment.  I could also put plenty of live plants inside my living space to keep the air fresh indoors.  Plants always help with the quality of air.  This is why walking through the woods or hiking up a mountain trail is so refreshing.  Many people suffering from illness retreat to wooded areas as part of their treatment.  Nature has a way of healing us.  Just being in nature seems to relieve stress.

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(3) There is no doubt that there are many things I could do to improve my personal environment.  Cleaning up the area where I live, and finding a way to remove litter around the community is a great place to start.  Usually, the reason that so much litter is on the ground is because there is a lack of public trashcans placed in public areas.  I could write letters to community leaders or local city halls and request that they purchase trashcans for high litter areas.

Planting trees and flowers will also help improve the appearance of the community.  If I take a small step to make the effort, others may follow my lead.  I could even post signs around the community that say, “please do not litter.”

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