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My Personal Growth Essay

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  • Pages 2
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    Art is my joy and essence. I am a self-taught artist who works tirelessly to exercise and broaden my abilities at every opportune moment, and drive myself to the edge of my creative confines. As a scenic artist, I construct an array of natural acrylic paintings and I always approach creating from an experimental angle. Looking at the variety of different sceneries and knowing that I can recreate it in the form of art is inspiring. Realizing the varying ways I can produce art is a driving force that keeps me motivated.

    My process mainly includes many different layers of acrylic paint, but I have also used a multitude of different textures including oil pastels, graphite, and various gel mediums. I incorporate many different methods of application in my art which includes palette knives, paint rollers, brushes and varying plastics. Each application method creates a different texture on the canvas, setting a different mood for each piece.

    I am continuously surrounded by the grandeur of nature. Whether it be the everchanging seasons, powerful rivers, enormous canyons, or majestic animals. I am constantly moved by the alluring exquisiteness of nature’s beauty. My inspiration comes from the magnificence of both my home state, Georgia and my experiences traveling. As a child, my family and I would often travel beyond Georgia to many different states and each one held a multitude of fluctuating landscapes. As we passed through each state I was captivated by them. The way the trees changed colors and shapes—the disappearance and resurgence of bodies of waters held my attention and sealed my fervor for artistry.

    Art is not my only passion. I am very involved in extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school. Inside of school I am a part of numerous club activities which consists of; Tennis, Chess club, Ecology club, National honor society, and Production technology club. I joined two different community service organizations: The Celebrate Our Children’s Foundation, The Guyana Association and The Hank Stewart Foundation. I proceeded to benefit my community by participating and assisting in organizing activities that involves taking care of the less fortunate, and providing happiness and comfort to fellow youth and adults around in my community. I engage in community service because not only is it good for my community it is also good for me. Giving back and making a difference in my community fills me with joy, optimism and promotes my personal growth and self esteem.

    In addition to my devotion to community service, I also take my academic excellence very seriously. During my attendance at Peachtree Academy I was a recipient of the highest academic award, The Principal’s award, due to my straight A streak throughout junior year. as well as being inducted in the National Honor Society.

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