My school Essay

My School
The significance of schooling in one’s life is tremendous and incontrovertible - My school Essay introduction. It is the inextricable thread that weaves a child’s life. Schools are an epitome of learning, knowledge, and education, an essence expressed by Victor Hugo in his deftly-woven words, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Schooling is that stage of one’s life when a child grows, matures and discovers himself/ herself. In other words, a tiny tot metamorphoses into a young lad. My school is in a residential area. Silence pervades the classrooms, occasionally interrupted by the chaotic din of traffic, blaring loudspeakers, etc. The quadrangular building boasts a magnificent reception, embellished with modern furnishings, an enviable decor, marble flooring and glass walls on three sides. The fourth is a cemented wall adorned with credentials in every field— sports, music, dance, art, etc.—which speaks volumes about the talent it harbours and nurtures, year after year. The classrooms are the cradle of exchange of knowledge and ideas. The library, a two-roomed spectacle, is an intellectual treat to the voracious reader. So, if Harold Howe is to be believed when he opines, “What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education”, then my school is a sublime purveyor of knowledge, a facilitator of intellectual growth, and a developer of mental faculties, in the superlative degree only.

The sports ground is a multipurpose area and provides a vista of students being trained by coaches for karate, badminton, skating, soccer, handball and basketball. Apart from the well-equipped science and computer laboratories, the staff rooms are just as well-designed. There is also a sickbay or a sanatorium, where a doctor attends to us all. A house system is followed with four houses, namely Lily, Lotus, Sunflower and Rose, so as to foster a spirit of willing cooperation, mutual understanding and teamwork, especially on Saturdays, when inter-house activities like extempore, debate, declamation, art and craft, etc., are conducted and the talented sophomores are appreciated and awarded.

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These activities are enthusiastically awaited by the students every week. The school always manifests itself as an honest institution rather than meretricious, a feature that makes it stand apart from the others. It is pertinent to mention one aspect of my school that deserves special attention, the “teachers”. I have been taught, mentored and guided by talented teachers who are in possession of numerous qualities of head and heart. All of them are selfless teachers, as Thomas Caruther puts it, “Who makes himself progressively unnecessary”. Had it not been for their incessant support, concern and blessings, nothing would ave been possible; I

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