My uncles – different but the same

My uncles – different but the same.

     My life was very different a simple nine years ago and who would have believed that it could and would change so very much and that is due only to the determined effects of my two favorite uncles, people who on the face of it have little in common but in fact share an essential facet – and that of course is me.

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My uncles – different but the same
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   But before I can get to tell you about my uncles, I have to first give you a little background about myself - My uncles – different but the same introduction. I am currently twenty years old and have only been in this country for a mere eight years. At the age of twelve I was reluctant to move from my home country. I had my life there – my friends, my room, my routine – what else could you want?

   As a result, when I left to come here I was miserable and sulky. Upon arrival I was overwhelmed. The enormous skyscrapers loomed down at me making me feel small and insignificant. Everyone seemed to walk fast and talk the talk and I felt as if I had left all that I knew so very far behind.

   I struggled to fit in, to comply the other kids and the clothes they wore and the things that they did, but somehow it just didn’t work and instead of accepting me, the others simply laughed at my gear and alienated me.

   Thus, at the end of twelve and a half I felt as if my world was coming to an end. With the rush of the move and the looking for a school for me and the confusion of getting work, my parents had not yet introduced me to my relatives who they said lived not that far away. However, one fateful Saturday we all bundled into the car early in the morning and driving though the rain arriving at a red painted house which had a huge swing hanging on the front porch.

      Reluctantly, I dragged myself in, not really bothering any more to make an effort since I felt so bad inside. Inside, we were greeted with squeals and swoops of delight as my relatives all rushed to greet us. However, behind the buxom women were two silent men – my uncles.

       At first glance, they looked completely different – one of was a rather stern man, resembling to some extent an undertaker. His sternness had come about in part due to his lifelong struggle to fulfill his dream of being a doctor – something that is not simple even for those have been born here, let alone for foreigners. On the other hand, my other round uncle had a twinkle in his eye, ready to have a good chat as he frequently does as he serves his customers in his small grocery store.

    However, for both of them, their main concern was not the rest of my family but me. They wanted to know all about me – the real me, what made me tick and what I planned to do.

    That day, after a cursory kiss to my aunts, I spent most of the time heavily engaged in conversation with my uncles, listening to their tales of how they coped when they first came, how they too tried so hard to fit in and yet like me, were rejected time after time. However, as they carried on their conversation, the ways in which they overcome their initial difficulties became more apparent and they showed me how rather than copying those I saw around me, that instead I should simply be me.

     As I left that house that day, I was an altered person. The person who had walked into their house was a sad, reluctant and hurt child. The person who walked out was a confident, excited young adult – the beginnings of who I am today.

     So to conclude, the two people that have something in common are my two uncles. Although different in looks, personality and jobs, as part of my family, they have something important in common – both are my true inspiration.


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