My Work Experience Week Research Paper Essay

My Work Experience Week Essay, Research Paper

My Work Experience Week? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I travelled

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My Work Experience Week Research Paper
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to France for my work experience to better my Gallic whilst deriving some

valuable experience in the universe of work. ?

I left for France from Portsmouth on Friday geting early on the

Saturday morning. ? I had an gratifying

weekend ; acquiring to cognize my host household, talking Gallic, and holding a welcome

interruption from school assignment. I commenced working on Monday forenoon at 8am on

Monday morning. ? I was working at a

Gallic mill called Ty Nad that produced crepes, gallettes and other goods

for resale on a big graduated table in all parts of France. ? On reaching, I was introduced to Nadine Nadan, my supervisor and

director of Ty Nad. ? She was really

understanding sing my degree of eloquence in French, and spoke easy so that

I could understand. ? I was so handed

over to one of the staff to apportion me a occupation for the week. ? I was placed with another Gallic work

experience pupil in the folding and packaging department. ? I spent the full forenoon folding gallettes

and puting them in plastic bags, dating them and lodging labels on to the

packets. ? I found the occupation highly good

in some respects in that it wasn? t peculiarly complex and hence I was

able to speak Gallic with the other workers whilst working and I was hence

able to better my Gallic whilst making a occupation that didn? t revenue enhancement me menta

lly. ? However, after several hours of turn uping

crepes, I began to happen the occupation a small humdrum and deadening, I besides found

that reiterating the same action repeatedly over and over once more made my weaponries and

backache. ? However, there was a positive

side to the occupation as at lunchtime the mill closed and hence I had the

bulk of the afternoon after a short interruption for tiffin to make as I pleased. ? I used this clip for reading and catching up

with school assignment that I hadn? T had clip to complete during the term. I spent the hebdomad in similar manner, my allocated

occupation each twenty-four hours was either to turn up crepes of gallettes or else to box hemorrhoids

that had already been folded. ? By the

terminal of the hebdomad, I was exhaustively bored of the work as I found that despite my

initial enthusiasm for assisting, five yearss of difficult work with no wage was forcing

the bounds of tolerance. ? However, I

have learned two extremely valuable lessons from my work experience. First,

I have decided that I will ne’er work in a mill, making a dead-end occupation with

few chances acquiring paid really small for back interrupting humdrum work. ? This is a valuable lesson that I will transport

with me through life. ? Second, that my

French is non good plenty to be able to pass on freely with native Gallic

people, and I have now resolved to work at my Gallic so that by the terminal of the

following two old ages I shall be able to pass on freely with any Gallic talker.

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