My Writing Then and Now Essay

As I began my college career yet again, I was so nervous of making simple mistakes because of how I had done before in the same English course - My Writing Then and Now Essay introduction. I started college right out of high school and didn’t focus like I should have. I took some time off because I thought that college wasn’t for me, so I got a pretty good paying job at a pharmacy but it didn’t take me long to realize that without an education you will never go anywhere. Coming back to college almost three years later and knowing that I had taken this course before and failed it, I knew within myself that I had to do better.

When we started class and Dr. Cannata began to tell us how much we were expected to write and learn in a short time period I didn’t think I would be able to handle it along with having a newborn baby. I feel that I done a pretty good job with my time management and the essays that I wrote. I chose two totally different essays to revise for my portfolio, one on plagiarism, and the other on gender stereotypes. Writing my paper on plagiarism was very tough for me, not only was it the very first essay we done, but it was a very hard subject for me to fully elaborate on.

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My Writing Then and Now
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In this essay I tried to give my viewpoint on how I felt the punishments for plagiarism were handled and the things that should have been implemented instead. Being that this was my first essay as I stated before, I felt it was going to be the worse one of the three because of the things we learned later in the course. As we learned more in class I could clearly see the mistakes I had made within this paper. I left my introduction pretty much the same just a few changes but my main revisions were done in my body paragraphs with my supporting ideas and trying not to keep repeating my thesis.

I had some punctuation and spelling errors that needed major work done because of the inexperience I had at the beginning of the semester. My next essay on gender stereotypes seemed to be a whole lot easier to me because it wasn’t something I had to be afraid of messing up on because, it was all my opinion and viewpoint of the video clips we seen. This essay had a really laid back topic and it was strongest paper I wrote in the class, so there was no question in my mind that I would use this for my portfolio. This essay didn’t have many revisions that needed to be made, just those again with my supporting ideas.

I went in and changed my body paragraphs so that my paper had more of a flow to it rather than it looking and sounding like I was rambling on and just throwing things in to take up space. I feel that now I am more confident than ever on my essays and writing papers in general. Even though writing is a strong weakness of mine I feel that in this course I have conquered the concept on what to do and what not to do. I received a lot of help with my papers from my husband and also with peer review. Having someone to read my papers and tell me what they think I needed in the paper and what I didn’t need help me out a lot.

The help that I received from Dr. Cannata sitting down with me and explaining how my paper sounded was probably the biggest thing that helped me out. If we would have had more time to work on our portfolios I probably would have done worse because I would’ve contemplated within myself way too much and over thought a lot of things. Overall, I am very satisfied with the success that I have had in the English 1050 course and I am really eager to go on to the next level and continue to learn more not only in my writing but within myself.

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