Napster Database Program and Music Industry

In order to find out why problem arouse in music industry around the Napster, we need to find out what is Napster? Napster is a database program that located on a computer server in San Mateo, CA.

Napster community have more than 38 million users. Each of these 38 million users include in their computers variety of songs in MP3 format. The songs range from every musical type from classical to rap. Consumers use compact discs to make their own MP3 files, and then add them to their shared music profile in their Napster software.

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Again, Napster does not hold the copyrighted material on their servers; it is stored on the computer of users. The people are controlling what music they share among each other. Napster has a disclaimer on its transfer page warning people not to break copyright laws. Napster also has the right to prevent anyone from using their database service if they are found to have broken the copyright laws.

I believe that people should be able to download music off Napster because it’s just like the VCR, radio, and tape, it is a good way to promote music and a way for new artists to be heard. According to David Grohl ( “it’s the same as turning on the radio.” You listen to different songs, except you choose which ones you want to listen to.

If they shut down Napster, will they shut down the radio? You’re doing the same thing on Napster that you would do at the concert. It’s just more suitable to do it in your own home. Why would artists want to ban Napster when it promotes their music? Napster could help people hear your new songs and if they like them you’ll make money and become famous. In addition, according to Madonna “Napster could be a great way for people to hear your music who wouldn’t have the chance to hear it on the radio.

” Chuck D, ( says, “We should think of Napster as a kind of radio–a promotional tool that can help artists who don’t have their music played on mainstream radio or on MTV.” A bigger problem is that the people misuse Napster by putting music onto cd’s. This problem is not a new one.

People have been copying music on audio as well as videotapes for a long time. Napster is just another source to obtain music. In this case we must abandon firms who produces violent games and songs, knives, etc… in order to eliminate crime rate. Of course our society can’t handle that because these things appear in everyday of our lives.

According to Courtney Love “stealing our copyright provisions in the dead of night when no-one is looking is piracy. It’s not piracy when kids swap music over the Internet using Napster. There were more than one billion downloads last year but music sales have been up, so how is Napster hurting the music industry?”Also Napster is a revolutionary way of getting music. This revolution sooner or later will result in a new way of purchasing music.

Would it not be easier to download the music directly from the music company? It would be much easier and convenient going to a favorite bands website and downloading sample MP3 files from every song on the CD. Then the buyer could make an intelligent buying decision. If the CD was impressive enough throughout, a person could then be directed to a download website and purchase the entire collection. The price should be much lower.

Reasons for this price reduction are no reproduction mark up and no shipping cost to the stores. The buyer would then download the music, make the CD and print artwork. No more will the public be deceived into buying a CD to find out there is only one good track on it. Another bonus to this way of buying music is making a greatest hit CD.

For those artists that may only have one or two good songs on their CD, this would be another way to get sales. A person could download anything he wants and put those songs onto a CD. Music consumers do not want to see the artists hurt, neither financially nor emotionally from this service. Even though I love Napster being free server, but compromise must conclude this problem in order for Napster to survive.

BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group) will shut down Napster if they continue free server. Basically small fees will not dramatically affect users income, but will rescue Napster and make music industry to be satisfied. SOURCES,7056,70785-220993,00.html YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE February 2001

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