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Napster vs. Music

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Napster is an online trading program that allows users to look into another persons hard-drive in order to trade music. “Napster and similar software provides users with a method of searching thousands of other users computers to share thousands of high quality music, music that is stored in the compressed .mp3 format.”(Internet). Music of the popular artist is traded through the Internet at no cost. In other words instead of having to pay market price for music users of Napster receive the music for free.

Napster has caused major controversy throughout the music industry. ” The recording Industry association of America is suing Napster, claiming it allows users to make illegal copies of the copyrighted songs. It is seeking an injunction against the service and damages for lost revenue from thousands of songs it says were pirated through tapsters program (Internet). So one must look at the question, are programs like Napster illegal or does the program actually have some validity.

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Napster vs. Music
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There are several people against the use of programs like Napster. The band Metallica filed the first federal suit against Napster. The band is suing the company for copyright infringement and racketeering. Lars Ulrich, the band drummer says; “Napster hijacked our music without asking. They never sought out permission. Out catalog of music simply became available as free downloads on the Napster system”(Internet). Metallica is suing Napster and has accused Napster of copyright infringement and racketeering. The Metallica bands as well as other groups believe that Napster has cost them much money. They do not believe it is fair that people can go in and download their music for free instead of having to pay for it. The drummer suggested that the music traders were cowards using high technology for low-down theft (Metallica). In this day and age on has to consider the money issues. These issues are what make Napster bad. Napster has been accused of illegal acts because it does provide copyrighted music.

According to a CNN article” internet music debates plays our on capital hill” The growth of online music services and utilities such as Napster has caused alarm among many record labels and artist, who care that the site are places for music piracy that deprives them of earrings and royalties. Metallica drummer Eulrich said” every time a Napster enthusiast downloads a song, it takes money from our pockets of all these members of the creative community. (Internet) Napster has been accused of many things yet there is anther side.

While several people don’t agree on the services Napster is providing there are others who see nothing wrong with it. Rapper Chuck D wrote a letter to the New York that supported Napster. In it he wrote that although some artist spoke out against Napster. He believes they should welcome Napster. That Napster should be thought of, as new kinds of radio or a promotional tool that can help ratios become known (Metallica). Some people look as Napster as helping the recording industry. A chorus of studies show that Napster users buy more records as a result of using Napster and that sampling music before buying is them most important reason that people use Napster”(Internet). So in this aspect Napster is an asset to the music industry instead of a nuecence.

There is also a legal aspect. The groups against Napster say that the program is illegal. Napster officials say the service does not directly provide the copyrighted music-only the means to get it- the company claims that its service is legal according to an USA today article. “The Napster directory is a list of all the files that members of the community are willing to sharethey do this for no money, expecting nothing intern, on a person to person basis, “says Napster chief executive officer hank Barry.” In these aspects Napster may soon legal but because of the fact they are hot getting anything for the service makes it completely legal. There are people both for and against programs like Napster. Being able to experience Napster and programs like it has allowed me to truly view the situation. Personally I believe that Napster is an excellent was to promote recording artist. Napster may have cost some artist money but overall I think that it has helped more that hurt. New technology is discovered all the time and knowing this we as a society must learn to deal with it a learn how to make the most of it. Controversial issues such as the one with Napster will continue unless society learns how to deal and except it.

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