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Narrative: a Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation



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    Carlton Day III A Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation Far more efforts have been made to reverse my temperament imposed by surrounding circumstances than I can recollect; however, never has this been achieved so naturally, as the unprompted excursion to the North Carolina Zoo. My girlfriend and I decided after five years together that it was finally time to visit her hometown of Mocksville during our long weekend break back in late July of this year.

    The plan was to stay at a relative’s home, but upon arrival her sister was merely in transition to this new apartment; automatically this provoked a distressing slumber the first night. Where I barely dozed on a couch and my significant other, Jessie, briefly snoozed in a child’s bed. All of which only supplemented our fatigue from the five-hour transit across Interstate Forty. Considering the lack of rest the first night, we began planning better sleeping arrangements rather than the substandard ones we had already fell miserably victim to the night before.

    The hotel I found met all criteria Jessie desired, since we agreed I began hauling our luggage to the quaint hotel. With the next couple of days spent venturing the mountainous region where Jessie’s mother became the event coordinator, my itinerary seemed a bit more rushed than I had in anticipated. Essentially, this momentum played directly against my preconceived ideas of relaxation. The optimism I had stood tested at every turn; I must express a certain level of enjoyment was reached, thanks to our unyielding enthusiasm to not come home without experiencing at least one great event while on this short break.

    From a handful of attractions available, I chose the one I had yet to experience, which was to finally bear witness to a simulation of the Animal Kingdoms corresponding to those of North America as well as Africa. First, I am incessantly fascinated with lions, and especially the male of African descent; also, I relish the human-like characteristics of the gorilla species. Which essentially, was my sole purpose in choosing this attraction above all others in the local district or just coming home and submitting to the negative mode of this weekend.

    Shortly after arriving, I was completely impressed at how ecological diversity of the area was and soon recognized the naturalistic habitats that make up the various regions in presentation. With the use of a map, I promptly navigated both of us north, toward the Lions’ Den that I had wanted to visit for many years. Predominantly, the male lion was most captivating, with his filled-out mane consisting of a perfect blending between two equally dominate shades of light and dark brown.

    Equally appealing was his muscle definition, highlighted by the thin layer of fur, exceeding that usually visible on a body builder, and paws the size of baseball gloves that were adequately supported by his proportionate limbs. Initially it took me a few moments to find these two beautiful beasts, which lay among the camouflaged setting comprised of a grassy plain, and massive rocks surrounding the exterior of their living space. Against my will, I was encouraged by Jessie to continue our journey throughout the rest of the zoo to leave ample time for all the remaining wildlife, so I pressed on.

    While, I could share so many details of the many animals I encountered this day, conversely I will omit my excessive rambling and talk about just one other that sincerely affected me. This transpired during my visit with the dominant primate, known as the gorilla, where I had noticed this particular one lying only inches from the looking glass that stood between the large animal and myself. Her name was Acacia, and she proceeded to lift her arm placing her large, rugged palm against the glazing, which led me to reciprocate the action in kind; in this moment I felt a fluttering of my heart along with an unceasing smile.

    Consequentially, because of Acacia’s action made this trip one of the purest and emotionally astounding occasions of my life. Although my newfound solace from the plight that had regulated the overall trip was highly appreciated and ultimately efficacious it was not without trial. This satisfaction apparently had to be well earned; as within the first hour of a four-hour zoo outing, the discomfort of an extremely humid and terribly hot day began to set in and rapidly elevate my body temperature.

    Alongside these natural forces at work, my impractical decision to bring only my favored long-sleeved shirts simply aided in refuting a complete change of these nasty events taking place. Contrary to all the adverse conditions of this expedition, my first trip is classified as one of my most cherished excursions to date. Which is owed to my interactions at each animal exhibit lifted my spirits ever so high that I still preferred to walk the entirety of a ten mile route, spite the shuttle availability and this choice was to fully grasp the authenticity of the environment per regional variation.

    Actually, the amazing wildlife encountered that day had such a positive impression that I can still clearly recall the names of key animals, which contributed to my now heightened appreciation for the exotic beings. For example, the female elephant that waved to the crowd with her trunk was Akhunda, the former circus chimpanzee is known as Kendall, and the gorilla who has forever touched my heart is Acacia. Never before had such a terrible mood been totally deposed with a wonderful feeling of joy, as during the day I spent at the North Carolina Zoo.

    I hold emphasis on one acutely esteemed concept undoubtedly, learned throughout the difficult trip concerning the ability to choose how my attitude is affected when contested. Sure, I could have easily succumb to the vast array of misery presented habitually throughout the journey, but I did not and remained persistent in having a great last day as well as remembering to enjoy the small things. Resulting in nothing shy of an impeccable experience that has reformed my views on the powers held by nature and wildlife alike, to enhance or alter my own emotions.

    This fresh understanding also, provoked additional thought about what other means can be employed to achieve similar happiness that I may have been overlooking or inadvertently taking advantage of in the past. Lastly, I linger in awe at just how mesmerizing so many creatures are from all around the globe and sit here with an amplified gratitude for having witnessed the multifaceted display of creatures residing in both North America and Africa.

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