Narrative Report Essay

A new sunny morning come for my life. I woke up early as 5:30 in the morning. Monday, I prepared myself and even my bag bringing it every go to office. At 7:40 in the morning, I left from home. I arrived at 7:50 in the morning then logged in. After that, I attended flag ceremony that held every Monday. After flag ceremony, health center worker went at front for report about previous day situation the health center and patients. Another report from the councilor of Majayjay related improvement good governance that their made with local official.

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But an issued covered our town continuous talk to community, which water become privatization and contractual bulk water. We went our own office for OJT. Same from last of my work, also typing tax declaration by the land owner from Brgy. Oobi, a barangay inward by Majayjay. I seriously work it. Several minutes before snack I feel hungry. So I get out from my office with permission.

I ate hot porridge with egg. It taste delicious and one of my favorite. Back again to office. And back at working type. Last two minutes, already time for home.

When I’m in the house, I take rest by watching Showtime program. In the afternoon, I’m do something about. I do my work with suffocate. The keyboard that I used getting some defect really interrupt to my job. I saw also computer from the office not used by the others. I used it temporarily. I think its rather easily than one. Until time come for home. I get tired again, but still also happy. Tuesday, that morning, suddenly, I realized that there was nobody in the office except me. I didn’t know where officer go.

I continued type work. Later, they already came back and said they came from meeting. So more to be complete, yet much book waiting for me. I think that this whole semester, only typing and computing that I have to do for accomplishing OJT. I contented what I do for, not have to feel bore inside my office. I want always have to do rather than I’m alone in corner the office. More hours left, I feel hungry and thirsty so that need for snack. Suddenly back to office after snack. Oh, my hands felt shaking that time at work.

Part of my shoulder until nape and on my back began feel pain. I would already stopped awhile. And continued it again. The time come 4:50, I intentionally stop my work cause for so feel pain. I also cleaned the office and go for home. Wednesday, before 8:00, I’m already arrived the office. Say “Good Morning Ma’am” and I intentionally get the book to type of the this content. Using MS Excel, it’s properly type and compute any information contained from book. I seem felt squint so. Painful eye began while computing taxes.

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