Narrative Report OJT

Since I started my training on April 18, 2013 in Agus 6/7 HE Plant Complex, in this training it is particularly for me to broaden my knowledge, skills and increasing productivity especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn - Narrative Report OJT introduction. In my first day of trainee I was very nervous. Although I knew where I will be assigned but still do not have the idea what I’m going to do because I’m afraid.

The superior orient us on what we’re going to do in operation and maintenance if we assigned that location, he discussed everything inside the Plant. They explained the rules and regulation inside such as always follow the instruction of the superiors and the type of clothes to wear different. The five (5) units of generator at Agus 6 HE Plant Complex that generate 200 MW. The units 1 and 2 generates 25 MW while the unit 3,4 and 5 generates 50 MW.

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The generator 1, 2, 3 and 4 delivers 69 KV. In the unit 5 delivers 138 KV. There are two (2) units of generator at Agus 7 HE Plant Complex that generates 27 MW and deliver up to 138 KV to the grid. In this generator s 1 and 2 gives 54 mW to the whole Mindanao grid. The generators assigned by the control engineers and the operators. They must monitor the condition of those generators every hour. The PTS department assigned by the safety engineer of the Plant.

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