Nashville predators

“Nashville Predators: Marketing Strategy for an NHL Franchise” The key drivers for the NHL market are ticket sales, broadcast revenue, corporate sponsorship, and building operations. Ticket sales on average would be sold to corporations and individuals. The corporations would take up about 60 per cent and the other 40 per cent would be sold to individuals. For the broadcast revenue it is split amongst all 30 teams but not with the Canadian teams which they earn a bit more. The broadcast revenue takes up about 10 per cent of the sales. Local contracts on broadcasting varies from areas because they base on the past ticket sales and game ratings. Corporate sponsorship drives in sales with their advertising in the arena and community. The sponsorship would take up about ten to fifteen per cent. It ties back up with ticket sales as well by driving them in because of the advertisements. Building operations include concessions, parking and building rental, and merchandise. For concessions most of the arenas would gain about 50 per cent which would be about ten per cent of total sales. Several cities were potential candidates for the new location for the Predators.

The options were Nashville, Hamilton, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, and Houston. Nashville had already been the home for the predators but had already struggled with ticket sales and was not doing well. Hamilton at the time was the eighth largest city in Canada. Hamilton is located not too far from Toronto which was home to another team which a lot of corporations had money tied into. The arena in Hamilton also had no suites or restaurants. If they had also planned on relocating to Hamilton they would have to have permission from the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres because that was their territory. Kansas City was home to a lot of sport franchise already and NHL franchise would have to compete with it. The arena would also offer them five years of free rent but afterwards it would cost $8.5 million a year and would grow 5 per cent annually. Las Vegas main entertainment came from tourism, gaming, conventions, retail and dinning.

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They had avoided Las Vegas because of promises of publicly funded stadiums in other markets. The top two cities for the Predators would be Winnipeg or Houston. Winnipeg is the 9th largest city and the third fastest economy in Canada. Winnipeg was home to the Winnipeg Jets but had been relocated to Phoenix. When the team had been relocated they had petitioned to NHL to bring Hockey back to their city. They would also take 67 per cent of the concessions and the arena was fully equipped with suites and store with team merchandise. Houston is the third largest city in the United States. The arena was also fully equipped with plenty of suites and seats. They would take away 60 per cent of the concessions. Only problem was that Houston was already home to lots of sports franchises such as NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, AHL, Womens NBA. So the best fit city for the Predators would be Winnipeg. The marketing changes for the relocation of the Predators to Winnipeg would be first to advertise to the community. Let them know that hockey would be brought back to their city like they had petitioned. Getting word out to the corporations and try to get sponsorship from them and offer suites for them. Trying to find local broadcasting would be another major factor so the fans would at least be able to see the team without going to the arena.

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