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     Identifying a certain social function to be a nation needs specific attributes - Nation case Essay introduction. For most part, it is considered as an ethical and philosophical doctrine in itself. The members of a nation share a common origin and ancestry. It extends across generations from both the past and to the future. Primarily, it is the starting point for the ideology of nationalism. Members of a “nation” share a common identity, and usually a common origin, in the sense of ancestry, parentage or descent. The people of a certain nation all share the common conception of civil belonging (Wikipedia, 2007).

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     Given this sense of nation, the middle ages had several nations that imposed the relative dynamics of their population. On the notion of being a development site, Italy has achieved the status of being a nation in the fastest progressive state. Although for most part, it has faced with various dilemma of accepting its philosophical stand, its people were able to manifest a certain degree of shared citizenship that resulted to the overall nation-hood of its society. Such aspect leads to the initial creation of being a geographical and political state, which still exists in today’s population. Its founding generation has provided a stable basis where the community could have a development approach to improve its lifeline. Moreover, its nation-hood in the period of medieval ages has lead to astounding influences in the European community.

The development of Italy from mere nation to being a state has signified its position in redefining itself as well as other community-nation in its surroundings. Although the Italians were able to achieve first the state of being a nation in the medieval ages, it is not alone in this aspect. Other nations like the group of French and English sub societies have also attained their respective principles in being strong nations.


Wikipedia. 2007. Nation. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved May 10, 2007 from

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