National Budget Simulation Essay

Old budget was $3747. 36 billion ($2672. 527 billion in spending, $1074. 833 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). 1 New budget is $3540. 25 billion ($2461. 3 billion in spending, $1078. 95 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). 2 You have cut the deficit by $207. 11 billion. 3 Your new deficit is $193. 89 billion. 2 Spending ($2461. 3 billion: cut $211. 22 billion) $312. 27 billion…. Military Spending Cut $133. 83 bil. from base of $446. 105 bil. (-30%) $67. 11 billion ….. Iraq War and Afghanistan Operations Cut $44. 73 bil. rom base of $111. 851 bil. (-40%) $115. 48 billion …. Veterans & Retired Military Pensions and Services (No Change) $31. 59 billion ….. International Affairs (No Change) $23. 97 billion ….

. General Science, Space, and Technology (No Change) $2. 33 billion …… Non-Defense Energy Spending Increased $0. 21 bil. from base of $2. 121 bil. ( 10%) $31. 16 billion ….. Natural Resources and Environment (No Change) $26. 02 billion ….. Agriculture (No Change) $63. 61 billion ….. Transportation Cut $7. 05 bil. from base of $70. 673 bil. -10%) $17. 19 billion ….. Community and Regional Development Cut $1. 9 bil. from base of $19. 097 bil. (-10%) $70. 47 billion ….. Education Increased $6. 4 bil. from base of $64. 068 bil. ( 10%) $47. 81 billion ….. Training, Labor and Unemployment Programs (No Change) $202. 66 billion …. Non-Medicare Health Spending Cut $50. 65 bil. from base of $253. 320 bil. (-20%) $345. 75 billion …. Medicare (No Change) .

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94 billion ….. Civilian Retirement (Social Security excluded) (No Change) $227. 45 billion …. Aid to Low-Income Families

Increased $20. 68 bil. from base of $206. 773 bil. ( 10%) $25. 62 billion ….. General Family Support (No Change) $7. 5 billion ……. Commerce and Housing Loan Programs Increased $0. 68 bil. from base of $6. 816 bil. ( 10%) $544. 82 billion …. Social Security (No Change) $47. 41 billion ….. Administration of Justice Increased $4. 31 bil. from base of $43. 099 bil. ( 10%) $12. 43 billion ….. General Government Administration Cut $5. 31 bil. from base of $17. 754 bil. (-30%) $211. 08 billion …. Net Interest (No Change) $-44. 37 billion ….

Undistributed Offsetting Receipts and Allowance (No Change) Tax Expenditures ($1078. 95 billion: increased $4. 12 billion) $265. 14 billion …. 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts Cut $29. 45 bil. from base of $294. 6 bil. (-10%) $54. 32 billion ….. Corporate Tax Breaks Cut $6. 03 bil. from base of $60. 360 bil. (-10%) $95. 38 billion ….. Personal Business and Investment Benefits Increased $8. 67 bil. from base of $86. 710 bil. ( 10%) $185. 32 billion …. Pension and Retirement Tax Benefits Increased $16. 85 bil. from base of $168. 470 bil. ( 10%) $155. 9 billion …. Health Insurance Tax Benefits Increased $14. 1 bil. from base of $140. 990 bil. ( 10%) $163. 71 billion …. Housing Tax Benefits (No Change) $159. 99 billion …. Other Individual Deductions and Expenditures (No Change) Madison Adams Mrs. Ostendorf U. S. Government: Period 3 5 November 2012 The National Budget Simulation I cut military spending because we already have a great military, and we can use the money they do get for new weapons and technology. We spend too much money on the military, which is why I decreased their spending by a lot.

I think this would make a lot of people mad and feel like I was making our country weak, however I think this is somewhat realistic because although we need to maintain a superior army, we do not need to spend that much. I cut the Iraq and Afghanistan operations, because I do not believe we should even have troops there. Also, we are spending an ungodly amount of money there per week, even though we are only trying to “keep peace” there. I think most people would agree that they want our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, due to safety and unnecessary spending.

I do not think this is a totally realistic cut because we can not just cut off spending totally and pull our troops out over night. I increased spending on non-defense energy spending because I believe it is important to our future and making sure we are an energy-efficient country. I wanted to spend a little more on this to balance the budget. I think this is necessary to prepare for our future and is very reasonable. I think most people would be happy with this because we need a plan for future energy resources. I cut transportation and community and regional development because I do not think they need as much money as they were getting.

I don’t think people would be very happy with this and I do not think it would be a very realistic cut, because we need a lot of money for these programs due to upkeep for our roads and community and it is essential to Americans that we have reliable ways to get places. Education is important to our future and making sure people can get jobs and is the base to our country’s success, which is why I increased their spending. I think this is realistic and most people would be happy with this. We always want to have better schools and teachers so children can get better educations.

I decreased Non-Medicare health spending, because they were spending a lot of money that was not necessary. I do not believe that this is all that realistic, because we need money to pay for medical research and medications. I do not think people would be happy with this, because they want to be taken care of. I decided to increase aid to low-income families so that people who need help can get it to support their families. I think this decision would be controversial, however it would be realistic to balance our budget and improve our economy.

I decided to increase commerce and housing loan programs to get people buying and spending in our economy. I think this is a good decision because it is something that is good for the economy and will make people happy. I increased administration of justice funds because I think it is important to enforce our laws. I think people would feel happy with this increase in spending and it is a realistic increase. I decreased general government administration by 30% because I do not believe government officials need that much money for any reason.

I think the American people would be pleased with this; however, I don’t think our government would be very happy with it. I think this is a realistic cut because there is no reason they need that much money. I cut tax breaks for the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and corporate tax breaks because we need to raise taxes a little bit to make up for all our spending and corporations do not need any more money, they can give a little to help our economy. I don’t think corporations or people would be happy that they have to pay more. This is not really a realistic cut because some people need these tax cuts.

I do believe we should raise tax breaks for personal businesses and investment benefits to encourage Americans to start small business, which create the majority of jobs in the U. S. and also to invest in our businesses and economy. This is an important and valuable increase that would help all Americans and our economy. I also gave bigger tax breaks to people who are retired and who have health insurance to insure that more people get health insurance and to give respect to retired Americans, and help them to support themselves.

Old people would like that they don’t have to pay more, and it is a necessary spending that we have to give. The part of the budget that surprised me the most is the military spending. I think it is ridiculous that we spend that much when we already have the best military in the world. We should not be spending that much just to maintain and keep up-to-date with weapons and technology. I learned from this simulation that it is very difficult to actually balance our budget, and try to realistically reduce our deficit.

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