National Science Day Essay

Dear Sir/Madam, Good Day, I presently associated with a construction & engineering plant machinery production company where I perform the responsibility as a Senior Document Controller over Eight years of experience in the field and the contribution - National Science Day Essay introduction. I believe my experience will help me to be an asset of your company in a very short time. I am equally comfortable working independently or as a part of team. I would like to apply for a suitable post in your esteemed organization.

* Monitor compliance with the Company’s document control procedures and requirements, control deviations and follow up their correction * Assist in training staff in the Company’s document control processes and associated tools * Check incoming documents for readiness prior processing * Update registers and the electronic document   management systems (EDMS) for the documents being processed * Distribute documents by hard copy and electronic means, including arranging copies * Filing and Archiving of documents * Reporting on document control processes

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* Administer the document lifecycle (author, approve, publish, revise, retire, archive) engineering, construction documents and other business policies and procedures. * Prepare electronic document templates. * Support in the performance of quality reviews and audits * Scan documents, update procedures, * Assist in other related tasks as requested by the Document Control Manager I am an enterprising and ready to face challenges and responsibilities, with strong interpersonal skills, grasping power with great deal of enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to have a career in your organization. With all the experience that I have received from my previous job, I can assure that I can give 100% to the job of which I feel I am capable of. Enclosed are comprehensive curriculum vitae giving a fair idea of my background for your kind perusal. I sincerely hope that my application will receive your kind attention and anxious that an opportunity for an interview is given to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. Regards Syed Asif Ahmad Jafri # 91-9312925274

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