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There are three different forms of pills that smart pills can consist of. Natural vitamins, plant derived herbals and synthetic pharmaceuticals. Can these pills have any effect on promoting intelligence? Is intelligence built into our genes? Or is intelligence acquired as we age and gain experience. Intelligence has different levels and everyone believe different things. Some people believe that “smart pills” make you smarter. Plant derived herbals come from different plants that are used in many of today drugs.

Many people like herbal supplements because they believe that they are more tartar and safe with less chemicals. These herbal medicines have different names such as botanical medicines, remedies, or supplements. Most plant derived herbals are sold as dietary supplements and they do not have to be proven that they are actually effective. Some synthetic drugs that derived from plants are aspirin, Morphine, Damnation and Vindications. (Ernst, 2012) Some plant derived pills can have some effect on the brain but with natural supplements it’s hard to say because these supplements are not proven to work.

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For example studies show that “rosemary’, for membranes is high in anti-oxidants and dilates the cerebral vascular tissues. Rosemary enhances memory, eases the nerves, stimulates circulatory system, and prevents breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain. Rosemary can be used as oil for aromatherapy or can be taking in pill or tea forms. (5 Herbs to Boost Your Memory, November ) A natural vitamin is a vitamin where the ingredients are extracted from food sources rather than being chemically mixed. Many people like natural vitamins because most do not like to take a lot of chemical drugs.

People believe that the more tartar the less harm you can be in, which is not always true because bad food can harm you as well. (Why Natural Vitamins are better than Synthetic Vitamins, 2008-2011) For example; the smart vitamin supplement Focus factor. Studies show that, “Focus Factor is a supplement specially created to support the brain function and help the brain run more effectively. ” It is a fact as people age; they begin to experience difficulty focusing and thinking, disappearing memory and brain fog. In order to help the brain functions, many individuals are seeking help from brain supplements, such as Focus Factor.

Synthetic pharmaceuticals are pharmaceuticals that are synthetic molecules, molecules that are unknown to our metabolism. Most pharmaceuticals have more powerful side effects. A study showed that Adrenal, a drug given to most children who are diagnosed with ADD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, helps the mind focus. However Adrenal is a cognitive enhancer that can help overcomplicated people stay focused, such as college students. It does not hold the approval of the drug’s manufacturer or the FDA, America’s Food or Drug Administration. (Tallboy, 2009) I do not believe smart pills have any effect on promoting intelligence.

However I do believe in synthetic pharmaceuticals such as, Adrenal that is prescribed for “ADD”. I ah not Delve Tanat It promotes Intelligence out I ah Delve It noels you Touch more and calms your nerves in order to make you focus so you can be better in whatever you do. I feel that intelligence is acquired as we age and gain more experiences. You learn more as you grow as an individual period and gain experiences from different phases of life. Everyone is different and everyone learns differently. Experiment: A series of procedures designed to test a specific hypothesis. (Evaluate the effect of a newly-derived smart pill)

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