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     The entities in this world may have several purposes apart from the natural way why they exist - Nature observe Essay introduction. Sometimes, it would be best for a person to simplify things and observe nature in its raw form in order to understand the true essence of existing with the things in the surroundings.

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     In a personal perspective, nature is somewhat the reflection of how different things interact with each other. The plants, the rocks, the animals and the overall personal appreciation of a person bring forth a very special attachment to each other. In the present state, nature seems to be just a silent observer. There is no way one person can understand the language hidden in the leaves, the songs being sung by the insects and the laughter beneath the waves of the water. However, even a blind or deaf person may be able to understand what nature’s message is to the very soul of a person. It is always a personal thing. No single message is similar on how nature wants to talk to each of us. Apparently, the only understandable universal language that the environment can tell us is that she will always be there to observe how we humans intends to relate with her in terms of emotional attachment. Nature does not really respond to our demands verbally but will always provide the best resources for us to have a satisfying life.

     In the end, nature can always be regarded as the caring mother for all of us. She will always be eager to give us the best in order to survive in this world. Although not all people will be able to realize it because of their greed and unaffectionate approach to her, nature will just be as perfect as before in satisfying all the needs of her children.


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