Negative Effects of Alcohol on College Campus

Every young teenager dreams of coming to college and attending huge fraternity parties and going out on the weekends but with little self-control this can become a huge problem. It is a commonly known fact that alcohol is a drug that negatively affects a college campus on a daily basis and I see it first hand affecting UNC-Charlotte. There are a number of reasons that this is true. College is one of the main places that binge drinking occurs because you are finally living on your own and can make your own decisions. This is extremely unfortunate because most of the students in college are between the ages of 17 and 22.

According to studies until the age of 25, the human brain is not fully developed. Because of this, the years of college can take a toll on your brain development. Along with the loss of brain development there is a large range of affects that alcohol can cause from having bad judgment, terrible grades, addiction, and the overall health of yourself. Your judgment can be impaired from making the right decisions and can alter the choice that you would usually make. For example, often time’s people have intercourse with someone that they would not if they were sober. However, sexual acts aren’t the only bad choice you can make.

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In general, most people will not get into a car with a driver that had been drinking. Unfortunately, when under the influence, it is easy for one’s inhibitions to be thrown out the window. Far too often, the next thing being thrown of the window is the passenger. A recent study called, “High-Risk Drinking in College: What We Know and What We Need to Learn,” states that approximately half of fatal car accidents involving people ages eight-teen through twenty-four are associated with drinking. Too often, people do not think about the others they are affecting while drinking.

A buddy of mine that attends UNCC with me decided to drink and drive under the influence and smashed into a tree. He was sent to the hospital with many broken bones and now lives back home because he was charged with a DWI. When under the influence of alcohol it is easy to make a decision that one will regret the rest of his or her life. Statistics show that 50 percent of sexual assaults that occur on a college campus are associated with the use of alcohol, even though I have not heard of this occurring on UNCC’s campus it is still a threat. It is proven that when people drink, many become more belligerent and aggressive.

Sadly, this often leads to sexual assault. The act of raping or being raped can be a very traumatic and embarrassing situation. A good amount of the time, the victim will seek help, such as talking to a therapist. This will cost money. Also, if the victim wants to sue, they will need to hire a lawyer, which will also cost money. Although rape is obviously not something we can always prevent, it is far more likely that it will not happen if you are not drunk. Therefore, abstaining from alcohol could potentially save you a surplus of mental stress and money! Having a hangover is a common side effect of drinking.

After a night of alcohol use, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you have a headache, are sensitive to light and or sound, or just have an overall feeling of sickness. Far too often, college student make a bad decision of using alcohol on a school night which shows they have poor self-control. Not surprisingly, hangovers and class doesn’t tend to mix very well. Because of this, students sometimes make the choice to skip class. When you consume alcohol on a school night studies show that you are 17 times more likely to skip class the next day. Skipping classes tends to lead to dropping grades.

As a student, if I receive a bad grade, my motivation will start to fade away. It is then easy to skip multiple classes, especially because many college courses don’t take attendance. As a result of failing grades, it is possible to be dismissed from the campus. This can be incredibly disturbing considering how much money would be going to waste. After being kicked out of a school, it can be very hard to be accepted to another. However if you do get into another college and receive a degree, the incident will still be on your record, possibly jeopardizing your chances at a job.

This will also lead to loss of money. I see many students struggle with grades because they go out on weekdays. For example my roommate who is UNDERAGE tends to go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of this he is failing his class that begins at 9:30 the next day. Another major negative effect of drinking is getting in trouble with the law. I have experienced this myself and it is not fun. The legal drinking age is 21, and it is a crime to drink at any age younger than that. A college campus has a large amount of drinking, and cops know that.

There is a very high number of authoritative figures working to prevent the use of alcohol on a campus. Therefore, it is easy to get caught. Many campuses will at first give a slap on the back of the hand when one gets caught drinking, but after that it isn’t uncommon for the police to get involved. At UNC-Charlotte underage drinking is not acceptable and the cops in this area really crack down on this crime. Overall, college drinking has too many negative side effects for it to be as prevalent as it is on college campuses. It is dangerous, and can cause many unfortunate situations.

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