Negative message Essay - Part 2

Professionalism is the key to successfully convey information in a corporate environment - Negative message Essay introduction. Whether you are tasked to transmit good or bad news, verbal or written, it is always a must to maintain propriety and decency. As a professional you are obliged to be open and honest about issues circulating within the company.

When you write negative memos or letters to subordinates and co-employees, you stick with the main issue. You need to specify what the topic is without presenting any form of resolution. It is a different case with superiors and managers since you need to include some solutions to the problem at hand. You need to present what you think are the best possible methods to resolve the current issues.

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We need to go back to the golden rule and put yourself in your superior’s shoes. Assess whether or not the letter or memo will offend you in any way. If it does, by all means, do not send it. Obviously a negative letter is exactly what it is- negative. It may solicit unenthusiastic and negative responses from your superiors.

An excellent negative message is something that will convey the information most clearly without being tactless or rude. Make the readers feel you are serious about this. Write in a way that once they read it, they will feel the same; they would have come up with the same resolution.

Describe the issue in a most unambiguous way including every essential detail. Formulate ways and means to solve the issue and make recommendations. State the fact that you will be waiting for a fair and reasonable decision.

 You don’t have to beat around the bush but you need some cushions or ‘buffer’ statements. Create statements that will promote diplomacy amidst a negative message. You may include references to facts or principles. Use positive words that may coat the negativity of the message. Your statements must be able to stand on their own merits.

Most of all you need to prepare for any contingency. Preparation is an essential factor to come up with a compelling message even if it bears bad tidings.

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