Negotiation Strategy Article Executive Summary Essay

The best alternative to a negotiated agreement is what every organization needs to fulfill their wants and needs - Negotiation Strategy Article Executive Summary Essay introduction. This is an advantage because they clench a clear target to which they can match any assigned agreement. The first article explains that the bargaining process and cultural awareness of a given country have a profound impact on success or failure of international negotiations and business arrangements in United States Army purchasing. Bargaining is most impacted by the culture in the overseas country.

To prepare properly, the negotiator must have an awareness of how information is assimilated, history, concept of time, customs and practices, behavioral taboos, and geography of the given country. First of all, to assimilate the information the negotiator must appreciate how information presented is received, absorbed, digested, calculated, and summarized, and then followed by the perception of time in cultures other than our own, people’s perception of time is linked with their view of history.

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Negotiation Strategy Article Executive Summary
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Meeting Rituals Different cultures have different views of proper negotiation form. A society may consider local custom, culture, and business practices inextricably linked, the local etiquette and language are vital tips on dealing with the negotiator the more experience you have the better. The second article explores the significance of ethics in the decision-making of negotiators.

Likelihood for value-based decisions to be the result of reflective thinking; Application of ethics where there is a strong professional role morality; Introduction to negotiation ethics negotiation ethics has developed from merely knowing the minimal legal threshold of acceptable behavior, to more of an awareness that our best interests may be best understood in a wide perspective over the long term. This implies that the canon of negotiation should include concrete, practical issues, questions, and ethics that are more broadly and subtly understood as the backdrop of universal moral principles.

This two articles apply to my work setting in the case when I need to find more clients to increase my sales, sometimes I have to bargain with them and offer them good prices and products so they do not have to go to the competition, I need to ask questions to make sure I have what they need or I can order it. In my job is very important to socialize with all kinds of people and that means to know more about other cultures and sometimes other languages, in my case I am bilingual and that is a great advantage, is always good to improve yourself in this business.

Negotiation Strategy Article Executive Summary Essay

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