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Nemedian Dispatches

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This is final post for 2012 of the online version of Nemedian Dispatches. This feature previously appeared in the print journal and is now on the blog. On roughly a quarterly basis, Nemedian Dispatches will highlight new and upcoming appearances of Howard’s fiction in print, as well as Howard in other types of media.

In Print:

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Conan Meets the Academy: Multidisciplinary Essays on the Enduring Barbarian
Just  published, this volume from McFarland & Company, Inc., takes on Howard’s Conan as its only subject.

Two TGR contributors, Frank Coffman and Jeff Shanks, are among the many contributors The collection of Conan essays focuses on the following topics: stylometry, archeology, cultural studies, folklore studies, and literary history, additionally the essays examine statistical analyses of Howard’s texts, as well as the literary genesis of Conan, later-day parodies, Conan video games, movies, and pop culture in general. By displaying the wide range of academic interest in Conan, this volume reveals the hidden scholarly depth of this seemingly unsophisticated fictional character.

The book is edited by Jonas Prida.

The Complete Marvel Tales
Lance Thingmaker, the publisher of the highly acclaimed complete collection of The Fantasy Fan, has published an equally impressive follow volume his next project — a hardback book that collects the five issue run of William Crawford’s Marvel Tales. Each issue was filled with fantasy from top Weird Tales writers, with Howard’s “The Garden of Fear” appearing in the second issue. To order, contact the publisher. The price of the book is $50.00 (includes US postage), but if you mention the TGR blog, you can save $5.00 and pay only $45.00 (includes US postage). Just like The Fantasy Fan, this volume is sure to be an instant collector’s item.

The cover of this collection of various  Howard’ stories is either laughable or terrifying, depending on you point of view. Skullcrusher is the first volume of a two-volume collection of fantasy stories by Howard. The contents feature all of Howard’s most famous creations — Conan, King Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn — and also includes Cormac Mac Art, James Allison, Red Sonya, and Cormac Fitzgeoffrey. The anthology covers several genres: sword and sorcery, fantasy, horror and adventure.

Weird Tales Magazine
The present day incarnation of this classic pulp Howard contributed many stories has returned to its roots. Gone are the slick, modern logos that were on the cover the past several years — the current editor as brought back the classic Weird Tales logo. Check out the website for the new issue and plans for the magazine’s future. Judging from the list of contents, the new owner of the magazine seems to be returning the “Unique Magazine” to its glory days.

Weird Tales Pulp Replicas
Speaking of Weird Tales, in recent months Girasol Collectable, Inc. has published three pulp replicas of WT featuring Conan, two of them cover stories. The most recent replica is the December 1932, which features the first Conan story, “The Phoenix on the Sword. The other two contain “Black Colossus” and ‘Queen of the Black Coast.”

Adventures in Science Fantasy
Copies of this collection of Robert E. Howard’s sort of science fiction stories published by REH Foundation Press are still available. The centerpiece of this collection is Howard’s interplanetary adventure novel, Almuric, backed up by a dozen or so other science fantasy yarns from Howard’s battered Underwood typewriter. The book features a stunning wraparound cover by Mark Schulz, an introduction by Michal Stackpole and is edited by Rob Roehm. Some of the Foundation books are selling out — the first volume of Collected Letters is out-of-print.


Coming Soon:

 Back to School
In addition to the pirate book, this volume from the REH Foundation Press will be on sale by the end of the month. The book is a collection of all the known, surviving work for school that REH produced. It includes works for practically every class you can think of: English, History, Biology, Geometry, etc. Most of the contents have never before been published. Also, REHF members can look forward to a holiday card in the mail that contains a previously unpublished poem and the year-end edition of the Newsletter — two more reasons to join the Foundation’s membership ranks.

The Dark Man Vol 7, No. 1
The new issue is due out any day now. Contents include: “The Writer’s Style: Sound and Syntax in Howard’s Sentences” by David C. Smith, “I and I Liberate Zimbabwe: Motifs of Africa and Freedom in Howard’s “The Grisly Horror” by Patrick R. Burger and “Robert E. Howard and the Lone Scouts” by Rob Roehm, plus reviews and more. TDM will be available from Lulu.com.

The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage
This volume, due out the end of February, is an extensive tribute to  Brundage  and her art. Her fantasy, science-fiction, and horror paintings graced the cover of many an issue of Weird Tales and other pulps during Howard’s lifetime. The sexy, alluring and sensationalistic Brundage covers even featured Conan nine times. She was the first female cover artist of the pulp era and her work was controversial for the day, often featuring bondage themes, with semi-nude young women bearing whips. The book comes in three editions, all with full color art. Visit the publisher’s website for more details and ordering information.

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