Netflix vs Tv for Gen Y

Netflix is still in, TV isn’t Carlos Rodriguez Proximity Video Analyst As Gen Y migrates to streaming TV and movies online, the demand for a service that is convenient, has lots of content, gives a low price, and contains no advertisements has developed - Netflix vs Tv for Gen Y introduction. This is where Netflix steps in, and gives Gen Y everything they want and desire. In several studies conducted by Proximity groups, Gen Y will watch ads, but only if the service is free. If the service costs, they want the most bang for their buck, and they don’t want ads in the process.

This presentation will outline why investors and marketers should concentrate on a streaming service like Netflix rather than prime time TV, and why advertisers should realize that Netflix is decreasing the value of prime time TV ads. Topics: * The end of Prime Time * Why Gen-Y loves Netflix * No ads? Low Cost? No problem, except for Prime time TV and its ads * Where Netflix is headed next The end of Prime Time Netflix has surpassed cable subscriptions. * Comcast informed investors that the company lost approximately 165,000 cable subscribers between the months of July through September of 2011. While Time Warner Cable, the second-largest U. S. cable operator behind Comcast Corp. , lost 126,000 pay-TV accounts in the third quarter. Why Gen-Y still loves Netflix * Gen Y needs the most convenient service; Netflix offers that by providing both an online streaming service and a DVD mail-in service. * Netflix still has comparable prices with its competitors at $7. 99 a month, with a huge library of both TV shows and movies. * Netflix offers more devices than their competitors to be able to watch Netflix, such as gaming consoles, internet connected Blu-Ray players, computers, televisions, phones and tablets, among other devices. Many of these devices are mostly used with group viewing, which is big with Gen-Y and should be a marketer’s focal point. No ads? Low Cost? No problem, except for Prime time TV and its ads With Netflix killing Prime Time, the focus shifts as to biggest reasons why: * The lower prices which Netflix offers. * Gen-Y does not want advertisements when streaming. * Advertisers and investors should realize that the biggest losers are the Prime Time TV commercials. With cable TV subscriptions being cut, and Gen-Y not wanting ads, the value of these ads has diminished and will eventually deteriorate to virtually nothing.

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Where Netflix is headed next * Netflix is currently trying to widen its collection in 2012 for the U. S. and other countries such as Canada, who have been promised double the content in 2012. Has also expanded support to Latin America. * As Netflix is big with Gen Y users on the Xbox 360, a new update was released “that makes it easier and more compelling than ever to discover and instantly watch TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix on the Microsoft entertainment console. ” * A new improved app is currently being developed for the iOS and Android devices with expanded support. Netflix is trying to remove a barrier that lets Gen Y share their viewing habits to friends and colleagues. This would be huge for marketers as they want what types of shows and movies Gen Y likes.

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