Networking case Essay - Part 2

What are the common misconceptions about networking? - Networking case Essay introduction?? Why are they untrue and what is the best way to get past them? How can networking lead to success?

One of common misconceptions about networking is that it is just a game for social climbing or just a sport taking advantage of people by using their connections after obtaining their trust. In actuality, networking is a very serious activity where people work to make genuine connection with other people who can open opportunities for them.  And although these people befriend their networks because of their hidden agenda, it does not mean that the friendship that is forged is false. In fact, it is as genuine as other existing friendships that are formed unintentionally or by chance.

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Some people think that building close relationships with people can be done in a short time or when you already need the connections for a job or venture. This is in fact not true because close relationships need time to develop and also require maintenance and nurturing.  The recipients of overtures of friendship can detect whether your approach is a genuine effort to connect or just an attempt to use them for favors.  The best way to start and nurture deep friendships is to build the closeness before you need them so that your networks do not feel used or exploited by you.

Another misconception is that fame can carry you anywhere.  The truth is that fame can only carry you so far, but it is what you are made of that’s also important. And this is why you must also be interesting and learn about different things so that you will have something worthwhile to say when asked.   It is easier to get close to people when you have similar interests or something in common.

By having friends in higher level, position or status in society, you will have access to opportunities that you would not normally encounter because these prospects are  offered in more elite circles than your current circle.  Your friends provide leverage so that you can better yourself in terms of career and societal circle.  You also get access to acquaintances from even higher levels than your friend’s circle, and the opportunities in those circles.

Are there examples in your life where you have benefited from networking? How did you build your network and what did you gain from having one?

An example in my life where I found networking beneficial is when we held a garage sale at home. I built my “network” unintentionally, because my network during that time included my friends and classmates at school. I expanded my network of friends just by being friendly with classmates and neighbors. Because I had a lot of friends, I was able to advertise this sale and a lot of people visited our garage sale. Because of my network of friends, we were able to sell a lot of our old things and earned a bit of income from things that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Find two strategies from the readings that you would like to try in order to enhance your network. How will you go about implementing them?

I learned from the reading that it is better to build your network while you still don’t need help or favors from them.  But you also need to choose people that have access to other individuals in higher places.  I will heed this advice and become more friendly and helpful with my teachers.  I will also try to submit better outputs and try to make a good impression. My teachers may have networks from other Universities with scholarship grants in case I want to apply for postgraduate scholarship.


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