New Definitive Frazetta Volume Coming in August Essay

Authors James A - New Definitive Frazetta Volume Coming in August Essay introduction. Bond, J. David Spurlock, Andrew Steven and Dr. David Winiewicz have compiled a massive collection of the fantasy master’s finest work in one volume. Enter the world of Frank Frazetta with more than 800 illustrations. This is the most complete index of Frazetta artwork ever compiled, with commentary by top Frazetta experts, and dozens of rare images, including Conan, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and more. A fantastic reference for collectors and artists, it’s also great entertainment for fans. The Definitive Reference also features essays and illustrated data that reflects on his early 1950s comics, his 1960s monster mags, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, his major movie posters, and his revolutionary Conan paintings. Endorsed by Frazetta himself. Available from

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New Definitive Frazetta Volume Coming in August
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