New Graphic Adaptation of “Pigeons From Hell” Essay

This new four-part adaptation is coming soon from Dark Horse Comics:

by Joe R - New Graphic Adaptation of “Pigeons From Hell” Essay introduction. Lansdale (W), Nathan Fox (A), and Dave Stewart

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New Graphic Adaptation of “Pigeons From Hell”
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Joe R. Lansdale puts a new spin on an old classic with this four-part adaptation of master-storyteller Robert E. Howard’s classic tale of terror “Pigeons From Hell.” Set in the deep south, “Pigeons” tells the story of a damned house with a wicked past whose vile form casts a shadow of death on all who dare to enter. At dusk, as the sun slumps below the horizon, scores of pigeons can be seen flocking from the house in waning sunlight. The pigeons, they say, are the souls of the damned escaping from the very bowels of Hell itself.

Joe R. Lansdale (author of such works as “Bubba Ho-Tep,” “The Nightrunners,” and “The Drive-In”) is no stranger to comics, having worked on Batman, The Lone Ranger, Jonah Hex, and Robert E. Howard’s Conan. He is joined by comics newcomer Nathan Fox. Together Lansdale and Fox are a powerhouse of visual storytelling, perfectly suited for the dark and dismal world of Robert E. Howard’s horror classic “Pigeons From Hell.”

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