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New Indian Urban Identity

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urban identity occupies a very prominent position in a fabrics’s or a city’s identity . this has been
true right frm the most earliest of ages till date.
a city or fabric is all , but a sequential order of events taking place . one event after the other or
a series of events taking place simultaneously in a related manner . these events make up the
working and the functioning of a order in which the fabric carries itself on. for these events to
happen , there requires a space , a structure , an open ?gure-ground or an assemblage of
both. such spaces which cater to a large multitude of users make up an urban space. this also
depends on the location , the nature of masses in its vicinity and the scale which it generates.
a space leads to an event . which further multiplies into many such events which in turn gives a
character to the fabric. this character helps give identity , both to the users and the people
hearing about it.

identity of an architectural relevance is very essential to a city . the nature of this identity
changes with time. with passing ages and eras , we see new- er architectural marvels of
signi?cance propping up. whether , they help bring an identity or not , to the fabric in question
entirely relies on how they respond to the city and themselves. Such spaces have been built in
the past and they are being built now and they will be built in the future. various cities and even
a whole country has bene?tted from these kinds of architectural structures.
but the question in place , is – is this urban identity being retained the same way it was ?
the answer to the that question is highly debatable. With passing time , advancing technologies,
varying human needs and the ever changing growth in ‘ economy ‘ , rapid changes have
taken places. architectural structures once thought of as impossible are now being realized .
there is a broader perspective in thinking , design , rationalizing and ?nally ‘asking’ . the
boundaries are being.

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New Indian Urban Identity
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