New Laptops Essay

New Laptops

            Consumers are going crazy with the new trend of ultra-small laptops including Asus’ with its Eee PC laptop. This laptop weighs only about two pounds and costs around $400 (Wayner, 2007). It is perfect for those who are always on the go or for students or those who are first-time owners of laptops.

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New Laptops
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            It has a seven-inch screen and is shock-proof. It weighs 0.92 kg (Asus), which makes it easy to carry around for those people who require constant traveling or for students to bring them in school. It looks very classy and comes in different colors including black and white. Although some people may find it hard to get used to the new operating system, which is Linux, they will gradually get used to it and find that it is very easy to use. Consumers do not need to worry if they prefer to use Windows XP because the laptop is also compatible with this operating system. The processor is Intel Mobile CPU with an Intel Mobile Chipset.

            Its solid-state-disk storage can range from two to eight gigabytes. This might seem very small to expert users but students and first-time users will find that this is enough for their surfing, storing music and pictures, and typing needs. It should be remembered that the laptop was not made to be used heavily but was made to provide basic technological needs. It also comes with a 512 MB DDR2 memory.

            The device has a built-in camera for those who need it. It has a High Definition Audio CODEC for playing music files. It would probably last up to three and a half hours when used but this still depends on the user and how the device is being used.

            In addition, the Eee PC is equipped with wireless local area network (WLAN) to be able to connect to the internet or other computers without the use of wires. This makes the laptop portable and can be used in different parts of the house, or at school, or at the office. This is a great plus factor especially for students who need to connect to the Internet almost always to connect with friends, attend online courses, send electronic mails, or research for school material.

            Some people are finding this device as a waste of money due to the small screen and even smaller keyboard, which makes it very hard to type. Asus has found a solution for this because it has launched the nine-inch version of the laptop. With the bigger screen comes a much larger memory at 12 gigabytes and 1 gigabyte of RAM, doubling that of the seven inch version (Elliot, 2008). This is good news for those who find the seven-inch Eee PC too small to use. With the bigger screen and larger memory, what is there not to like? These features are very attractive to those who have limited budget but prefer to buy trusted brands of laptops.

            In summary, the Eee PC is a very innovative and practical technology that Asus came up with. It offers the same features as those with other laptops but only has a very small screen to work on. If an individual do not have problems using a seven-inch or a nine-inch screen, then this laptop might be the perfect device to buy. It is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The operating system is not a problem since it is both compatible with both Windows XP and Linux. The laptop was made to be cheap and this is the reason why it is pre-installed with Linux, which is a downloadable operating system. The completeness of the features makes it attractive to consumers, with the low price as a plus factor only.

            Whatever a person decides to buy, it can be stated that laptops are very in demand at this time and Asus is making its name known around the world because of its innovative products.


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