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The Project Will Accomplish an Immediate Need

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Project Name| SCI IT Infrastructure Upgrade| Project Number| 001| Project Manager| Tiffany Santiago| Prioritization| | Owner(s)| Dan Black, CEO| Start Date:| 03/06/2013| Scheduled Completion Date:| 04/25/2013| Mission/ purpose| What is your project going to accomplish? The Project will accomplish an immediate need to develop and implement an Enterprise Information system upgrade. The A-Team will develop a project charter, scope, and a project plan to create and implement an Enterprise Information System for the SCI Corporation and the need for upgrading their IT infrastructure.

We will Plan, Procure, Install and Individualize each workstation with needed software and setup requirements, along with many other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

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The Project Will Accomplish an Immediate Need
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Its ‘purpose is to Procure information technology services to support the mission for the Service Constructions Inc. IT upgrade. How does this project relate to overall goals and objectives of the company? The project plan’s overall goal is to import historical data from the old system and its needs for an informational company website.

SCI needs to improve its computer system to processes operations data and provide management information to allow them to better serve their customer’s needs.

It is part of a program or larger project? The Project plan must also include recommendations of other systems that SCI IT could use and roll out plan to achieve the success and specifications for an enterprise information system which will be provided in this documentation| | SOW| What Will this Project Create?

This project will create opportunities to add a quick response management system on providing the necessary information in a timely manner for onsite project requirements. This will add value to the SCI for its customers and needed project orders with a quick response. The upgrade will provide an enterprise information system for payroll, accounting, expense reporting, procurement, status reporting, bidding, pricing and materials estimating. In addition, an informational company website, and company vehicles for remote teleconferencing will be implemented. What is the product of the project?

This product IT upgrade will enable and provide the necessary requirements for subcontractors to the customer’s specific project. The product will allow contractors the remote location on work being performed on the basis of project orders issued by the customers as their need arises. Customers provide SCI with a small offices and tools storage at the construction locations. This will allow the ability to simulate a presence back at the home office. At a high level, how do you plan on doing the work of the project? The A team will Define, Measure, Analysis, Design, and verify.

Our team will determine our project scope and will state opportunities, baseline and goal performance within a balanced scorecard. On the measurement phase, the A team will have a descriptive Key performance indicators on market size, by utilizing economic analysis and studies that will measure the availability for onsite office and storage space settings. Also, we will measure the ability to communicate necessary information in a timely manner, to be competitive in a market place where customers are increasingly demanding quick response, and flexibility to tailor projects to new and unique situations.

During the analysis phase, we will monitor, review onsite office simulations to determine if the IT infrastructure will add value to customer’s expectations for required information on a timely basis. Once a construction project has been selected, we will plan on building onsite offices with the capability of using technology directly on construction site. The final phase of our project is to verify. We will design and run a pilot in the real construction project. What are the high level deliverables are: 1.

The Project Charter 2. Project Scope Statement 3. Project Plan 4. “In Progress” Status Report and Completion Plan 5. Project conditions assessment and risk management plan | | Objectives| What objectives, if any, of the company is this project designed to meet? Currently SCI is unable to expand the amount, size or scope of work they have due the limitations of their IT infrastructure. SCI would like us to expand these capabilities by replacing their existing computer network and adding some work stations to them.

Additionally SCI will be looking to upgrade software and migrate data from the old system to the new one. This should allow for the expected growth during the life of the machines and software expandability is also needed as to stay current or no more than one version behind for the next five years. | | Business Need| SCI needs this project because it is currently unable to bid on larger jobs or more than the six jobs currently being worked due to the IT constraints alone. This amounts to 3. million in lost revenue this year alone. What will be gained, changed or modified? By replacing our workstations and servers with 66 of the latest IBM/PC standard desktops and 10 ruggedized laptops loaded with the latest software including Enterprise Information System, Windows 8, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Project Server; SCI will be able to accept more projects and larger projects. These upgrades will allow SCI to accomplish three times the amount of work currently possible and also provide improved reliability.

Additionally SCI requires a website that will improve exposure in the market. Overall ExpectationThe overall expectations of the system is for it to allow for the use of the new Enterprise Information System, allow for vehicles to have remote teleconferencing capability, and to upgrade to 66 desk tops that will replace the current ones in use. Additionally SCI desires that the system allow for at least five years of life including anticipated growth that will be incurred. Off-the-shelf technology will be used whenever possible.

Module Integration SCI wishes to avoid proprietary technology wherever possible, so to accomplish this, A-Team will utilize only standard IBM interface equipment. This will ensure that any equipment repairs will not require expensive or outdated proprietary components. Additionally all system components will be verified to allow interoperability with all required networks currently in use by SCI. This will allow for standard reports and ad hoc report generation. Is there financial or business reason to do this project? Yes, the most notable of all the reason for this upgrade is the financial aspect.

SCI was unable to bid on numerous contracts this FY due to the IT limitations. These limitations involved slow processing, slow data exchange, some software programs being corrupted due to a lack of storage area and improper backups due to the lack of a backup storage medium. Initial Cost Benefit Analysis Numbers:-4,560,000 for the first year +13,442,000 at the end of year number five after install32,500 Inflation calculated at 2. 6% aver for the last 36mths12,500 Lost Return On Investment calculated at 1. 1% highest Everbank Discount rate is 20,000Loss of Income is calculated at 16 million annual at half efficiency for the duration of project which is 8 months1. Cost of new machines -1,250,0002. Revenue from new machines 2,000,0003. Inflation 32,0004 Loss of Revenue on Investment -12,5005 Loss of Income due to Down Time -5,330,000Sum for first year -4,560,500Looking at end of the five years.

Anticipating a growth rate of 15 percent in businessYear 1 after completion of the project 2,000,000Year 2 2,300,000Year 3 2,645,000Year 4 3,040,000Year 5 3,500,000Total after five years 13,485,000| | | Project Manager & Stakeholders| Who will lead this project? Tiffany SantiagoWho are the major stakeholders? 1.

Dan Black, CEO 2. Stockholders 3. Senior management team of Service Construction, Inc. | | Milestones | What is the key milestone dates associated with the project? The project has a 6 to 8 month time lineProject Kick Off – May 1, 2013Servers order and procured – July 1, 2013Computers ordered and procured – August 1, 2013SQL Server ordered and procured – August 1, 2013 Company Website Launch – October 1, 2013Validation and Verification completed – October 25, 2013Completion of Data Migration – November 10Training of Users – November 15, 2013| |

Budget| What is the Order of Magnitude budget for this project? The estimated total cost for this project will be between $1 million and $1. 4 million. The accuracy of this estimation is approximately -25% to +75% * Estimate includes: * Equipment costs * Personnel costs * Time * Material costs * Employee Training costs * Security costs * Unforeseen costs| | User Acceptance Criteria/Quality| What are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders?

There are many criteria that need to be completed to ensure the correct sign off of test validation and verification phases. Here is a list of some key areas that will be thoroughly tested to ensure the proper compliance, * All employees have access to the systems * The enterprise mail server is functioning properly * The workstations should connect wirelessly and linked to a printer. * The machines should be equipped with dual flat screens no smaller than 19”. * The machines each machine should have a headset and webcam for communication. The PDAs and smart phones should access to email * The laptops should interface with the main office computers from any location remotely. * Laptops should be strong and durable, and need to withstand a “field” environment and therefore should be equivalent to “field” laptops the military uses. * The Company website should be available, from any company * The MS Project Server and MS Office suites are updated. | | Major Risks| What are the major risks affecting the project? | Risk| Details| 2| Hardware Configuration| Compatibility with existing hardware | 3| All System Modules work| Data transfer from one system to the other| 4| Avoid Proprietary Technology| Preferred Data based structure should be off the shelf technology with minimal customization required| 5| People Issues | All employees must be trained for the modules| 6| Ability to upgrade ( software configuration)| Expectations of the system the ability to upgrade within 5 Year life| 7| Security Breach| System Hacked| | KEY STAKEHOLDERS| Project manager authority level| Tiffany Santiago| Project Core Team| 1. David Drews 2. Brian Bartholomew 3. Jose Gomez 4. Daryl Smith 5. Tiffany Santiago| Subject Matter Experts (SME) | 1. Al Webb, Director of IT 2. Director of Accounting 3. Director of Finance| APPROVALS| Type Name| Signature| Date| Project Manager Approval:| | | Customer/Sponsor Approval:| | |

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