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Nick Joaquin

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PROJECT in ENGLISH 1 BOOK REPORT Setting Garden Pond Hong Kong House Apartment Airport England Spain School Binondo Characterization Pepe Monson – a horse doctor Connie Escobar – The Woman Who Had Two Navels Macho Escobar – Connie’s insane husband Kikay Valero – a woman who knows everyone in town Tony – Pepe’s brother *Paco Texeira – a Hong Kong* boy Mary Texeira – a great walker, mountain climber Rita Lopez – will be Pepe’s soon-to-be-wife Helen Silva – Rita’s business partner Pete Alfonso – a bandleader

Concha Vidal – she has faced the decision between good and evil Father Tony – a fashionable confessor Conchita Gil – Esteban’s wife Esteban Borromeo – a poet Chamaquito – a bullfighter Plot [conflict,climax,resolution] CONFLICT The argumentation and the fight between Love and political problems.

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Connie Vidal who said to have two navels and was married to Macho Escobar who is former lover of her mother Concha Escobar. the relationship between the two of them the suffering of Connie’s feelings about they treated her and the acrifices that she embraced herself the suffering of her feelings the way they rubbish herself in the midst of nowhere.

the feeling of betrayal between her mother and her husband. CLIMAX Connie’s miserable and pathetic situation dealing first with escaping from her mother’s evil clutches since she was fan unwanted child that always ostracised and continuously suffered from the ghost of the past that haunted her. secondly it refers to her awakening herself realisation and emancipation as a woman having two navels and to learn ed and appreciate and accepting the reality and the truth about her abnormality.

And where Father Tony Monson and company saw Connie in the Tovarich naked and they went to see if Connie really had two navels because she wants to escape the political issues that her father(a governor) is stealing money or taxes from the people. And Connie’s life was in danger because her car was accidentally fall from the cliff and suddenly burned up with fire. Thanks to God that Connie was safe because she escaped from the car before it totally burned.

Her Husband Macho Escobar is looking for the body of Connie because he knew Connie was dead that’s the big issue that he heard from others. RESOLUTION The ending of the story is really shocking on what macho just did. The room was quite till Macho Just barged in and shot Kikay Valero several times and then he shot himself. He’s crazy including the part in the train in Chapter 4 when he got Connie, but Connie was able to escape. Theme [general statement] It is a reflection of the depth of a person’s insights on life. Bibliography

ABOUT THE AUTHOR *A native Manilen*o,Nick Joaquin was born in the district of Paco,on Calle Herran,in 1917. His parents were Don Leocadio Joaquin,a colonel of the Philippine Revolution and a prominent lawyer during the 1920s;and Do*n*a Salome Marques,one of the first teachers to be appointed to the public school system set up by the Americans. The Joaquins were originally from Obando,Bulacan,but the author’s grandfather moved to the village* of *San Pedro Makati* in the 19*th* century,to establish a kamalig,or pottery actory,and from San Pedro *Makati*,then popularly known as Sampiro,the Joaquins moved to *Manila*. * Do*n*a Salome Marques was from Sampiro. Nick Joaquin grew up in Paco,in the long accesoria his father had built on Calle Herran,beside Paco church;and also in Sampiro,where his family had a summer house beside the Pasig,in the barrio called Olimpia (or Ibaba),then completely rustic countryside. In fact,Sampiro was then pure boondocks,very different from today’s ultra-modern Makati. What’s now Ayala Avenue and Forbes Park was then rice paddy,fodder field and carabao wallow.

Got into writing just before the war,Nick Joaquin started out as versifier,experimented with fiction,was noticed and hailed by Jose Garcia Villa,and settled down as journalist after the war,when he made Quijano de Manila his famous byline as a reporter for the Free Press Magazine. Since then he has also made a name for himself as novelist,playwright,historian. biographer,and a beer drinker. *Nick Joaquin has traveled widely and has lived at various junctures in Hong Kong,Madrid,New York* and Mexico. He was among the fist Filipinos to be admitted into the then taboo portals of *China* and Cuba. He was named a National Artist in 1976.

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