Night of Terror Essay

The night was dark - Night of Terror Essay introduction. The sky was only lit by a full moon and a few faint stars. I was sitting quietly in my basement with my sister and two of our friends, Danny and Heather. We were all feeling rather bored. I came up with the idea to go get my Ouija board from my room. I told everyone, “I’ll be back in a minute. ” I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed the Ouija board from under my bed, and quickly ran back down to the basement. I set the board up and got the oracle out. Everyone had this odd look on their face. They seemed a little hesitant about taking part in playing with the Ouija with me.

I talked everyone into it and explained how to do everything. I turned off all the lights and the television. Then, I lit a few candles around us. My Ouija board was glow-in-the-dark anyway though so everything was easy to see in the dark. All four of us put the tip of our hands on the oracle and moved it in three circles. I, then, asked “is there anyone with us? ” The oracle quickly moved to “yes. ” This scared and surprised us. I continued to ask questions. I asked “what is your name? ” The oracle slowly started to move. First, it moved to the “V”.

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Then, it continued to move to other letters. It ended up spelling out “Vincent. ” This seemed interesting to all of us. I kept asking more questions. Next, I asked, “do you want something? ” The oracle started moving. It moved more quickly this time. It spelled out “help. ” This kind of scared me so I asked, “How do I help you? ” The oracle spelled out “he’s coming. ” We all sat there and looked at one another for a minute because we were scared. Then, we heard a really big bang come from this tiny coal room in my basement. We started freaking out.

I told everyone to calm down. I asked “who is he? ” The oracle started moving. We waited. It spelled out “run. ” This scared us, but we kept going. The oracle quickly moved to “goodbye. ” We got worried. I asked again, “Is there anyone here with us? ” The oracle moved even more quickly this time to “yes. ” I asked, “Is this Vincent? ” The oracle moved hastily to “no. ” I said “who are you? ” The oracle spelled out “run. ” I asked, “Are you a good spirit? ” The oracle shot over to “no. ” This worried us so we decided to take a break.

At this point, I was sitting next to Danny. We both got extremely cold and felt something touch our leg. We got really freaked out. We sat there and talked. I didn’t think about it, but we hadn’t moved the oracle to “goodbye. ” It is believed that if you don’t do that, it lets a spirit free in your house. During our break, we kept hearing noises and voices. We decided to put the Ouija up for the night. I swiftly went up to my room and stuffed the Ouija bored into my closet on the top shelf. I closed my closet door. The Ouija shot out at me.

This freaked me out to the max. I shoved it under my bed and booked it downstairs. I told everyone what happened, and they looked frightened. We sat in my living room and talked to try to forget about what happened. We heard a really loud noise that came from upstairs. I looked at everyone, and my face looked completely terrified. Danny went upstairs and went to see what happened. He opened my door and the Ouija board was lying right in front of the door, and it looked like the silhouette of a man was standing by my window. He closed the door and ran down the stairs.

He told us about what happened. We all looked kind of scared. We decided to sleep outside or at least just sit out there all night because we were frightened about everything that had been going on. We quickly, quietly go outside and sit in my back yard. Everything seemed pretty peaceful after we had gone outside. We all learned a pretty tough lesson. Don’t mess around with things that are believed to be supernaturally dangerous. To this day, odd things still go on in my home. Everyone believes that it is because of what happened that night.

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