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Night Portfolio

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Night Portfolio By: Scott Kahler Mrs. Grandel 2nd Hour November 19, 2010 Figurative Language 1. Simile- “Physically he was as awkward as a clown. (pg. 1). ” Moshe was compared as a clown because he was a funny guy. 2. Metaphor- “Thousand gates and one gates leading in to the orchard of mystical truth.

” This is a metaphor because each gate represents each human being and to never make the mistake of wanting to go into any path but our own. 3. Hyperbole- “There are a thousand and one gates leading into the orchard of mystical truth. (pg. )” This hyperbole meant that each gate represents each and every human being to never get off track in life. 4. Simile- “And tears, like drops of wax, flowed from his eyes. (pg. 5)” This is a simile because he doesn’t have any importance in his life. 5. Simile- “This news spread like wildfire throughout Sighet. (pg. 7)” This simile means that everybody was talking about in thus making ‘spread like wildfire’ a simile.

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6. Hyperbole- “Soon it was on everyone’s lips. (pg. 7)” This hyperbole means that everyone was talking about the Germans. 7. Personification- “Optimism soon arrived. (pg. )” This is personification because you can’t revive something that is not living. 8. Simile- “Our hearts had been beating more rapidly for some days. (pg. 8)” Means that they knew it was going to be hard for them. 9. Simile- “The backyard became like a hall outside an operating room. (pg. 10” This is a simile because it comparing how crowded the backyard was. 10. Simile- “Household treasures, valuable carpets, silver candelabra, prayer books, bibles, and other religious articles littered the dust ground beneath a wonderfully blue sky; pathetic object which looked as though they had never been touch. pg. 13)” Means that the household treasures were abandoned.

11. Simile- “By eight o’clock in the morning, weariness like molten lead began to settle in the veins, the limbs, and the brain. (pg. 13)” This is a simile because it is talking about weariness is like a molten lead running through the veins. 12. Personification- “In everyone’s eyes were suffering drowned in tears. (pg. 14)” This is a personification because the eyes were suffering in tears. Suffering can’t actually be drowned by tears. 13. Personification- “Doors and windows gaped onto the emptiness. pg. 15)” This is personification because it is talking about how the doors and windows were becoming empty of inside of the house. 14. Simile- “Monday passed like a small summer cloud, like a dream in the first daylight hours. (pg. 16)”This sentence is a simile because they were talking about how Monday went by fast. 15. Metaphor- “The stars were only sparks of fire which devoured us. (pg. 18)” This is sentence is a metaphor because each star is represented the faith. If the fire would die out then so would their faith. Ch. 1 How avid we were at the moment for one word of confidence, one sentence to say that there were no grounds for fear, that the meeting could not have been more common place, more routine, that it had only been a question of welfare, of sanity arrangements! (pg. 1)” They began their journey without a backward glance at the abandoned streets, the dead, empty houses, the gardens, the tombstones…(pg. 14)”When you read this passage you can infer that this is the rising action because it is building up to when they get deported. The second is that you can infer that something bad is going to happen.

They wanted to have a little bit of confidence. This passage is about when they were being deported. The author wanted you to tell you how it looked like, so you could have a clear picture about what it looked like after the deportation. They began their journey to Auschwitz from the town they were before the concentration camps. Ch. 2 “ the heat, the thirst, pestilential stench, the suffocating lack of air- these were nothing compared with theses creams in which tore us to shreds. (pg. 24)” “’From this moment, you came under the authority of the German army. Those of ou who still have gold, silver, or watches in your possession must give them up now. (pg. 21)”In this passage the author tells how bad the smell was when they were in Auschwitz. The smell was terrible. The screams you could here as the people were being burned made them stench. It was very terrible for them. When they went in the Auschwitz camp they had to get rid of their passions they had. When they passed up the possessions they felt heartbroken because the possessions were valuable for them. They had knew wants they got in they had to give them up. Ch. 3 ‘There’s a long road to suffering ahead of you. But don’t lose courage. ’9pg. 38)” “I had become A-7713. After that I had no name. (pg. 39)”If you don’t have courage in yourself then you will not make it on your own life. If you help one another you will survive. I feel like if Eliezer had courage and faith then it would have been a lot better for him in the concentration camp. You can also foreshadow that there is a long road of suffering ahead of them. Means that while he is in the concentration camp he will have no name, he would be called A-7713. It makes him feel less than human.

He feels like he is not even human being, like he is a person that the Germans can trample all over. If I had no name and if I was A-7713 was given to me I would feel like it was a ticket to trample all over me and feel worthless. Ch. 4 “I was angry with him, for not knowing how to void Idek’s outbreak. That is what concentration camp life had made me. (pg. 52)” “And I heard a voice within me answers, ‘where is he? Here he is- he is hanging there on this gallows…’ that night the soup tasted or corpses. (pg. 62)”In this passage you can tell that Eliezer is changing his attitude with his father.

The concentration camp had changed Eliezer to where he didn’t like his father because his father got in trouble with Idek. That is what that passage means to me. In this passage you can tell Elizer does not have faith in God anymore. He is questioning God about saving three victims. ‘After that day the soup tasted of corpse’ meant that he was had faith in God. Thus, creating him not to have faith in God. Ch. 5 “‘What are you my God? ’ I thought angrily ,’composed to this afflicted crowed , proclaiming to you their faith, their anger, their revolt? (pg. 63)” “I no longer accepted God’s silence.

In the depths of my heart, I felt a great void. (pg. 66)”In this passage I think that if he had faith in God it would have been a lot easier to get through. When you have faith in god, god will make things easier for you because he is there every step of the way. In this passage I think that since he didn’t have faith in God it5 would make him empty inside. It made him feel guilty about himself. He didn’t have faith in God so it made him have a guilty conscience on himself. He didn’t consider on having faith in God Ch. 6 “ his body was completely twisted, shriveled up into itself(pg. 84)” God knows I would have not given for a few moments of sleep. But, deep down , I felt that to sleep would mean to die. (pg. 85)” In this passage he is talking about how his dad looked in the concentration camps. They both were extremely hungry and also tired. When he saw his dad the first time he didn’t even recognize him which made him feel bad about himself. In this passage Eliezer meant that if he would have slept he would have died in the snow. He didn’t want to sleep nor did he want his dad to sleep either. This causes himself conflict between his morality and him being killed by the snow and the coldness. Ch. 7

Pressed up against the others in an effort to keep out the cold, head empty and heavy at the same time, brain a whirlpool of decaying memories. (pg. 93)” “A shadow had just loomed up him. The shadow threw itself upon him. Felled to the ground, stunned with blows, the old man cried. (pg. 96)” In this passage he explains how cramped in he was. It was very hard for him because he couldn’t hardly breathe or move. ” Brain a whirlpool of decaying memories” means that his memories were fading away. Eliezer was trying to concentrate on whether he would die now or later. In this passage it talks about how this father Is killed by his own son.

This would be an example of how the holocaust survivors often felt guilty because it made them the people they had became. Eliezer also felt guilty because he was wondering if that would happen to him and his dad. Ch. 8 “Having lived through so much, suffered so much, could I leave my father to die now? Now, we could have a good hot bath and lie down. (100)” “I had known that he was at the end, on the brink of death, and yet I had abandoned him. (pg. 101)” My thoughts about this passage are that he argued with his dad and he argued about his dad’s life and his dad wanted to do was sleep but his Eliezer wouldn’t let him.

I think that if I was Eliezer I would have done the same thing and I would be with his father every step of the way. In this passage Eliezer abandoned his father. Throughout the whole book they had been together and Eliezer abandoned him. It makes me feel like his dad was helping him along the way. It was like his dad his only reason to live through it all. Ch. 9 “The battle did not last long. Toward non everything was quiet again. The SS had fled and the resistance had taken charge of the running of the camp. At about 6 o’clock in the evening, the first American tank stood at the gates of Buchenwald. pg. 109)” “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me. The look in his eyes, as they stared into mine, has never left me. (pg. 109)” My thoughts are that he left his father there at the concentration camp so now he has a guilty conscience. Eliezer took care of his dad and was every step of the way with him. He had felt like it was his fault that his father had died. My thoughts about this passage are that Eliezer knew that he would be free from the harsh torture of the concentration camp. Even though Eliezer was a free man he thought of revenge on how the concentration camps did to him.

This made him the person who he is today. A part of Eliezer was still in the camp. Relevancy In Eliezer’s book the Night, there are many similarities in the book that are relevant today. One of the similarities that are that of his faith in God. He changed his faith because he doesn’t believe in God. This relates to today because many people don’t believe in God. Most people believed that Jesus existed but never did any miracles or anything like that. In the book Eliezer questioned God and his creation. If he would have had a little bit of faith in God, it would have been a lot better for him.

This is why his faith in God is relevant to today. Another similarity that is relevant to do is racism. The Nazis sent the Jews to the concentration camps. This is relevant to today because most jobs and schools are racist, just because of race, color, and religion. The Nazi put the through what is called ‘Hell on Earth’ “the antechamber of Hell must look like this. ” Some people in the past and present goes through a lot because of their religion or different color of skin. It hurts them when they are tortured by the way people treated them because of different religion and color.

That is why racism is relevant to today’s society. The last similarity that is relevant today in today’s society is in the beginning of the book when Moshe was telling them what was to come. They didn’t listen to Moshe,”Jews, listen to me. It’s all I ask of you; I don’t want money or pity. Only listen to me, ‘he would cry between prayers at dusk and the evening prayers. ” Moshe was trying to tell Eliezer and his family but they didn’t believe him. You can relate this today because most people don’t believe in “Global Warming”. People don’t know that this is actually happening.

This is similar in today’s society because they don’t believe in what people say to them. 1. Some examples of dehumanization of Eliezer, his father and the other Jews are how the Veterans gave Eliezer A-7713 instead of a name. ”I became A-7713. After that I had no name. (pg. 39)”One example of how dehumanization of his dad is when the SS commissioner officer split up the family apart, between males and females. This made his dad feel dehumanized because it made him feel worthless. “I had no time to think, but already I felt the pressure of my dad’s hand: we were alone. pg. 27)”one example of how the other Jews were dehumanized is when Juliek was worrying about the Jews taking his violin. “’I’M afraid…I’m afraid… that they will break my violin…I’ve brought it with me. (pg. 89)”this is dehumanization because they were taking everyone’s possessions away. 2. The relationship changes between Eliezer in his father, some of the changes are like in the beginning of the book they were scared so they were glad they had each other. “His voice was terribly sad. I realized that he did not want to see they were going to do to me. (pg. 0)” When they were lining up to march Eliezer didn’t care about his dad being stricken by a gypsy. ” my father had just been struck, before my very eyes, and I had not flicked an eyelid. (pg. 37)”. On pg. 52 he explains how he is furious with his dad because his dad didn’t know how to void Idek’s outbreak.

“I was angry with him, for not knowing how to void Idek’s outbreak. (pg. 52)” Towards the end of the book he wished he could have gotten rid of him “don’t let me find him! If only I could get rid of this dead weight, so that I could use all my strength to struggle for my own survival, and only worry about myself. pg. 101)”. 3. Some examples of why the holocaust survivors often feel guilty are when one of the guys left his dad because he thought he was slowing him down. He did that because he wanted to get rid of the burden, to free him from encumbrance so he could survive better. ” A terrible thought loomed up in my mind: he had wanted to get rid of his father (pg. 87)”. Another one is that when an old man dragging himself on the ground and his son killed his father for a piece of bread. Then the son dies because two other men tackled him down. “His son searched him, took the bread, and began to devour it. “When they withdrew, next to me were two corpses, side by side , the father and the son. (pg. 96)”The last ones when Eliezer thought about leaving his father because he was weighting him down. ”If I only I could get rid of this dead weight, so that I could use all my strength to struggle for my own survival, and only worry about myself, and only worrying about myself. (pg. 101)” 4. “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me. (pg. 109)” This quote symbolizes everything that Eliezer has gone through in the past six months he was in the concentration camps.

The quote also means that he has a guilty confidence because he didn’t help his dad when he was getting beaten by the officer. The difficulty that he will face acclimating to “normal life” again is that he has went through so much and to have those memories would hurt his life. Just a simple thing like a spoon can give him the memory when his father gave him his spoon. It definitively changed his life forever. He will never be the same person he was before the deportation. 5. “Behind me, I heard the same man asking:’ Where is he God now? ’ and I heard a voice within me answer him:”Where is he?

Here he is- He is hanging here on this gallows…’ That night the soup tasted of corpse. (pg. 62)”This passage is most significant because he didn’t have faith in God so his confidence was making thing becoming unusual. An example would be when he was saying he didn’t believe in God so that night the soup tasted of corpse. This passage affected me because you have to have faith in God because he will help you get through things in your life. I remember this passage because in this part of the book he changed the rest of his life forever. He doesn’t believe in God.

This passage changed me I think that all people should believe in God. God will help you when you need it the most . This is important to the novel because this is the point in his life that he had changed for good. In the beginning of the book he believed in God. Eliezer believed in God but when he stopped believing that is when things got difficult for him. 7 paragraph Essay The title Night is an appriote title for the book because it’s the absence of God, fear, and darkness, dehumanization for the Jews. Most of the Jews based their faith in God at the concentration camps. The Jews were afraid of death and Germans.

Everyone experiences darkness no matter if it is in the concentration camps or in their own life. The 2 main reasons why Night is an appriote title because it has to do with the darkness (of his father dying) and the second is the absence of God. ”I shall never forget that night… (pg. 32)” Before the concentration camp, the Jews believed in God and believed that he was always going to save them . As soon as things got difficult in the camp so soon relies that they don’t need god anymore. They couldn’t believe that God had let horrible things happen. ”Why, but why should I bless him?

In every fiber rebelled. Because he had thousand of children burned in his pits?… (pg. 46)”Eliezer began to loose faith at 15, which is a very young age when he lost faith in God. The Jews did not intend to stop believing in God, but the things that happen to them to believe. They could not for one second believes God would let such cruel things happen to his children. People tried to praise God, but they chocked on their words. Being burned by pits, branded with number, it’s not something God would let happen. As soon as the Jews started to loose faith in God it began to get harder on them .

Everything became more life threading. Even though half of the population has stopped believing in God and everything has become dark, people still had faith in him. When you believe in God, there is always light and always something to save you. The absence of God brings darkness and people no longer are happy. They all became depressed and have no will power to keep pushing on their life. ”He kept stopping every moment, as though he did not have the strength to find the meaning beneath the words. (pg. 64)” Those who have faith in God are still loosing faith each day and they are still having trouble with their lives.

Concentration camps were to become their “new homes”. People were in fear, especially after they were dehumanized by their heads shaven, same clothes, and were given numbers as “names”. They treated the Jews like they were nothing, worthless. ”I had become A-7713. After that I had no name. (pg. 34)” The concentration camps are dark, depressing places. Everyone’s lives, in the camps, in fear and darkness. Night could also mean dehumanization through Night. The Nazis took the Jews individuals as being human beings. They can no longer be the same person that came in the concentration and out.

Everything they did before the concentration camps they can do anymore. The Nazi made it that they could never go to church while in the concentration camps. Overall, Night is an appriote book because it shows the absence in the faith in God. They couldn’t believe that how God would let something be so bad be done. The Jews did not intend on stop believing in God, but once they didn’t their live became difficult fro them. Survivors from the holocaust still have trouble in their lives because they don’t believe in God. It tortured them and their lives for the future.

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