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Nike Child Labour Essays

Nike Child Labor Child labor: Nike has been accused for child labor in 3rd world countries like Pakistan. Pakistan has existing laws against child labor but they don’t make any effort to fight it because the employment rate is very low. Nike takes advantage of these children by promising them a better future but in reality they are being played because to them industries from the U. S. A are the future.

It’s not right that we buy all these 400$ pairs of shoes from the biggest shoe company in the world but the real machines behind the sneakers are young kids who aren’t even paid enough to live off of. Daily income for employees: 3$ per day. -This is barely enough for these kids to live off of knowing that the reason they are working as slaves is to be able to take care of their families and sick ones. Most of these kids lose their loved ones because of the lack of money needed to survive so they have nowhere else to go but in these work factories.

Production labour Materials Rent, equipment Supplier's operating profit Duties Shipping Cost to Nike| $3. 00 $9. 00 $3. 00 $1. 75 $3. 00 $0. 50| $20. 00| -It costs $20 to produce a top quality Nike sneaker and the shoe is then sold for over $100 in stores. The Child is only payed $3 per day for the many shoes that he/she makes. Yearly income for the company: Approximately $16. 32 Billion per year after taxes.

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