Non-Directive Counseling Essay

Non-directive Counseling -Counseling procedure in which the counselor is empathetic and does not evaluate or direct (but may clarify) clients’ remarks, thus assisting them to accept responsibility for their own problem-solving. -Self-acceptance is the key concept of nondirective counseling. Also known as client-centered therapy and developed by Carl Rogers, this therapeutic method uses multiple, in-session techniques to assist clients.

Though not commonly in use today, this counseling option ideally enabled patients to understand their behaviors while accepting their individuality. Example: Directive counseling is where the doctor leads the patient to do/take something that the doctor thinks is best, without asking for the patient’s own thoughts on whether they want to do it.

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Non-Directive Counseling
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Non-directive counseling is where the patient makes the decisions on whether they think something is good for them, the patient takes the lead and the doctor tells the patient all the options they have without putting in their own opinion.

Advantage of non-directive vs directive counseling: Directive approach: Non-directive approach: Questions planned in detail Broad plan of key questions Little spontaneity Spontaneous follow-ups and probes Stresses interviewee Less stress on interviewee Client-Centered Therapy Empathy is the foundation of Carl Rogers’ client-centered therapy (also known as Rogerian therapy).

He asserted that empathy alone is healing.

A client centered therapist strives to provide an environment of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and acceptance. Therapists are trained to accept the client where they are at the moment. Client-centered therapists consider diagnosis and treatment planning to be much less important than being supportive to the client. Instead they act as an understanding listener, helping the client by providing advice and alternate interpretations to past events only when asked.

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