Non-Profit Organizations Essay

Non-Profit Organizations

            There are hundreds of not for profit organizations throughout the United States with various purposes or missions in mind.  One of the most well known organizations is AARP, a not for profit organization founded to assist the older members of the American population with financial issues such as insurance, higher learning, legal issues, and work related advocacy issues.  Personally, I would like to see a not for profit dedicated to helping those within major metropolitan areas who are under the poverty level improve their way of life through better work skills and employment.

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Non-Profit Organizations
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            AARP began as the National Retired Teaches Association, and was founded by an ex-high school principle by the name of Dr - Non-Profit Organizations Essay introduction. Ethel Percy Andrus in 1958 (AARP, 2007).  The organization was initial started because health insurance was not available to older or retired persons.  Andrus searched for an insurance company willing to insure this high risk group, and then went on to add further benefits and programs for retired teachers.  After receiving a lot of mail from other retired persons, and ten years, Andrus changed the organization to AARP, or the Association of Retired Persons (AARP, 2007).

            Financing for AARP comes from membership dues, magazine subscriptions, fees for certain member services, and royalties from AARP endorsed companies (AARP, 2007).  The organization originally received funding from private and government sources.  As a not for profit corporation, AARP is established under a charter, with a board of directors and management (AARP, 2007).

            Like AARP, the organization I would like to start would be targeted toward a particular group of the population.  While AARP is geared toward retired persons, my organization would be geared toward those in larger cities that are consistently on or below poverty level.  Like Andrus, I see a need for aid that has not been fulfilled.  And, like Andrus, I have a desire to make this country a better place for an often ignored group of people.

            In the last year, unemployment in America has continued to drop (Englund, 2007).  Unfortunately, employment in certain areas, such as major metropolitan areas, has been rising in only food service, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing industries (Missouri, 2006).  These are not the high paying jobs needed by inner city families.  Additionally, it has been found in recent years that a trend has developed in the inner cities of America, whereby those in poverty are remaining there from generation to generation (Wheeler, 2007).

            Also according to Wheeler’s information, there are two main reasons for this constant level of poverty in our cities.  The first reason is that businesses have been moving to the suburbs, and many in the inner city are not able to obtain decent employment (Wheeler, 2007).  The other major reason for this sad state of our country is the fact that those in inner cities of metropolitan areas are not offered the same standard of education available to those in the suburbs, and therefore do not possess the work skills necessary to obtain better employment (Wheeler, 2007).

            It is for all of these reasons that I wish to start a non profit organization much like a staffing agency.  This staffing agency, however, would not place people into whatever job came available that the person could already do.  This staffing agency would help people to train for clerical and computer industry jobs, through textbooks, at home training, and on the job training, then place those people into suitable, higher paying employment.

            While organizations both private and public have offered these groups financial and job placement services, no one has thought to help these people improve their way of life for the future, as well as the future of their children.  It is not enough that financial assistance is available for career training and higher education.  Many of these families are in no position to return to school, and many may not even have obtained a high school diploma from an accredited high school.  The best option for these people is to have short term, effective, on the job training that will enable them to gain proper, reliable employment with higher pay and benefits.

            Not only would this organization improve the way of life for the group intended, but it would raise awareness about the issues in today’s society leading to the necessity for such an organization, much like AARP.  Additionally, this organization, once nationwide, would be able to assist in lowering the number of families dependent upon government assistance due to the inability to obtain decent, fair, and stable employment.

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