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Norman Schwarzkopf

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Norman Schwarzkopf	Norman Schwarzkopf and I are alike in many ways. He and I both have family in Germany. His father lives in Germany and my great grandparents live in Germany. He served in Vietnam and so did my grandfather.

	Norman and I also have many differences. His family has a popular military background and my family does not. He lived his whole life through the military and I am not going to do that. Norman also followed in his father’s footsteps that I am also not going to do.

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Norman Schwarzkopf
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;#9;Now you see how many ways Norman and I are alike and different. Norman has accomplished many tasks in his lifetime, which I have not gotten a chance to yet.

;#9;Norman Schwarzkopf got an education at West Point Military School and at Valley Forge Military Academy in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Valley Forge is a historic place known for its forces in the American Revolution.

;#9;Almost all of Norman’s family joined the military.

His dad was in the military all of his life just as Norman was. The Schwarzkopfs are very well known in the military.

	Norman Schwarzkopf made many life choices in his military career. First, he chose to join the military following his father’s footsteps. Second, he chose to go to Valley Forge because the school he was attending, West Point, only taught students up to the tenth grade. One of his most important choices was in Vietnam. One of his fellow soldiers was shot and he carried him to safety when Norman already had four gun shot wounds in him. He was awarded three silver stars and controlled the air, ground, and water forces.

;#9;I think anyone interested in joining the military, is currently in the military, or is just interested in these kinds of books, should read this biography by Libby Hughes. Others should think that Norman is a hero and that he should be widely known.

;#9;The best thing I think that Norman Schwarzkopf did was save his fellow soldier in battle. To be able to carry a soldier off the field with four gunshot wounds in you is just unbelievable. He should have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

;#9;I do not think Norman Schwarzkopf made any bad accomplishments in his lifetime. He was a great father, a great spouse, and was a great military leader.

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