North Korea and Us Conflict 2013

North Korea Conflict with the United States and South Korea On March 30, 2012 the new charismatic leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-un announced that he had plans to attack the mainland of the United States - North Korea and Us Conflict 2013 introduction. He made claims that his military had the capability of launching a nuclear war head which was mounted on a long-range missile. Since the end of the Korean War, 60 years ago, there has been a constant air of tension on the Korean peninsula. Korea was unified until it was invaded by Japan in 1910. When Japan surrendered at the end of World War II, the Soviet Union was responsible for disarming the North and the U.

S. was going to disarm the South. The Soviet Union, a communist government, and the democratic United Stated did not agree on how the country should be run politically. The disagreement caused the country to be divided. North and South Korea became two separate countries with two different governments. The North were allies with the Soviet Union and the South sided with the U. S. [1] North Korea often stages military provocations around important national anniversaries. [2] April 15 was the birthday of North Korean founder, Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong-un. 3] Mr. Kim also made plans to restart a “mothballed nuclear reactor”. [4]Because of the timing of the threat, it could be seen as part of North Korean tradition or culture. The new leader may just be following a long-standing tradition. North Korea is a country that is dependent on the international community. They need help to fuel factories and to feed their people. South Korea is a very self-sufficient country that is backed by the world’s number one superpower. It has a strong industrial presence, which has helped to create a strong economy.

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North Korea wants to end the United States cultural imperialism of South Korea. North Korea has made four proposals to the United States since the Korean War ended. First, was the request of a peace treaty to end the Korean War. Instead, an armistice was signed which is a temporary cessation of fighting. The second was the reunification of Korea. Russia followed through with this request, but the U. S. remained because there was a feeling that the two governments would be unable to coexist. Then the U. S. was to end the corruption of South Korea. The westernization of the country and additions of U.

S. companies were two things that North Korea disapproved of. The final proposal was to have talks between Washington and Pyongyang in order to end the tension on the peninsula. North Korea claims that the U. S. has refused to hold any such talks. [5] The issues between North Korea and the United States has resulted in a number of North Korean citizens immigrating to this country. Some reasons that people left the North was because of the war and the opportunity to get a better education. Women who married or had children with American servicemen came to the U.

S. Some men who entered the country were seeking graduate education and looking for professional occupations. One other push factor would be the low standard of living in North Korea. [6] Pull factors would be the chance to live in a country which was at peace and has political stability. The United States will probably never relinquish it position on the Korean peninsula. The USS McCain, a missile-intercepting navy ship, is currently off the coast of South Korea along with F-22 stealth fighter jets stationed at Osan Airforce Base. 7] With North Korea there making threats to launch nuclear missiles at the U. S. coast and China another communist country as its neighbor, it is in the United States best interest to remain in the region. A strong military presence may be the reminder that North Korea needs in order to prevent an international catastrophe. ———————– [1] Gale, 2013, “North and South Korean Conflict”, Global Issues in Context Online Collection, Wed. 18 April, 2013 Available from: http://find. galegroup. com/gic/infomark. do? [2] Sang-Hun, Choe. 2013. U. S. nd South Korea Put Forces on Alert for Missile Test by North. New York Times, 11 April, pp. A10 [3] Sang-Hun, Choe, 2013 [4] Sang-Hun, Choe, 2013, North Korea Says It Will Restart Mothballed Nuclear Reactor. New York Times, 3 Aprill, pp. A4 [5] Smith, Jack A. 2013, The Dangers of War: What is Behind the US-North Korea Conflict? [6] Mi, Pyong Gap, 2011; “Korea’s Immigration to the U. S. : History and Contemporary Trends [7] Ani-Tue. 2 April, 2013: U. S. Deploys missile-intercepting navy ship off Korean Peninsula amid North Korea saber-rattling. http://in. news. yahoo. com

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