North Korea: Threat of War

Matthew Brown Professor Summer Jenkins ENG 112 11am 7 April 2013 North and South: War on the Korean Peninsula War on the Korean Peninsula is always a possibility - North Korea: Threat of War introduction. While most experts agree that “Korean War II” is not imminent, the actions of the new North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, lead the United States to ponder the possibility of another Korean War.

Andrew Salmon shows in his article “Korean nightmare: Experts ponder potential conflict” the devastating loss of life on both sides, the epic battle that would take place between the North, South and United States forces, and the destruction that would occur on the peninsula in both Koreas. In the article by Andrew Salmon, he explores the possibility of a second Korean War. The United States and South Korea have already begun preparing for the possibility of war by moving assets in the region.

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The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has numerous artillery pieces and rockets pointed at the city that are in well dug in positions in North Korea. Ordinary South Koreans of all age groups believe that war is more likely than not. (Salmon) While most South Koreans hope that war does not happen Andrew Salmon poses the question: what if?. Andrew Salmon is a well educated man with a specialty in the Korean Peninsula. He studied at The University of Kent, Elizabeth College at Guernsey, The School of Oriental and African Studies, and the University of London.

He is a freelance journalist and written articles for CNN, Forbes magazine, the South China Morning Post, Monocle magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Times. (To the Last Round) He has written books on the Korean War including “To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea, 1951“, and “Scorched Earth, Black Snow: The Commonwealth versus Communism, Korea, 1950”. (To the Last Round) The article “Korean Nightmare: Experts Ponder Potential Conflict” was published for CNN. com on 27 March 2013.

Andrew Salmon is a credible author and journalist. He was the unanimous winner of the Hampshire Libraries/Osprey Publishing ‘Best Military Book of 2009’ award for “To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea, 1951“. He was honored at Seoul’s National Assembly with a ‘Korean Wave’ award for his contribution to the literature of the Korean War in 2010. All of his work is centered on the Korean Peninsula and he lives in Seoul with wife, Ji-young, and daughter, Hannah, making him a credible source given that he lives and reports on the region.

In the article “Korean Nightmare: Experts Ponder Potential Conflict”, Andrew Salmon hypothesizes a Korean War II. The U. S. and South Korea could fight a three-dimensional battle: KPA infantry and armored units would be pummeled by 24-7 U. S. aerial bombardment, its forces would also be vulnerable to heli-borne envelopment; and, because Korea is a peninsula, the North could be flanked by sea in amphibious operations.

(Salmon) Due to the fighting, there would still be massive causalities and, according to Dan Pinkston from the International Crisis Group in Seoul, “The casualties in a short time would be unlike anything we have seen before: hundreds of thousands in days, millions in weeks. The fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria would pale in comparison. ” (Salmon) If Kim detonated a nuclear device, it would guarantee apocalyptic retaliation and war crimes trials for any regime survivors but if all looked lost, that possibility stands.

(Salmon) This would cause nuclear fallout and assured destruction of the North Korean Regime but, given the devastation, experts pray it does not happen. The threat of war has always loomed over the Korean Peninsula, ever since the first war ended in an armistice in 1953. “Young people in Korea are not really interested in North Korea,” a senior minister in the Ministry of Unification (who declined to be further identified) acknowledged, “They have their IT devices, their cars, and comfortable lives. They believe in the old policy, co-existence.

But then the North developed nuclear weapons, so we have to educate them now that co-existence won’t work. We have to inspire them” to care. (Brinkley) Although the threat of war always exists, I don’t believe that war will ever happen. The world will have to watch and wait to see what the new leader of North Korea does and if he incites Korean War II. Works Cited Brinkley, Joel. World Affairs. November/December 2012. 4 April 2013. Salmon, Andrew. “CNN. com. ” 27 March 2013. CNN. 3 April 2013. To the Last Round. n. d. 4 April 2013.

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