Now Available: REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14 Essay - Part 14

This new issue of The Definitive Robert E - Now Available: REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14 Essay introduction. Howard Journal made its debut in Cross Plains last Friday at the 2010 Howard Days and is available for purchase.  Issue #14 is limited to 200 numbered copies and is the largest issue of TGR ever published. 

The featured Howard story is a rare humorous western featuring Bearfield Elston.  This story has not been reprinted since its original appearance in 1936.

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Now Available: REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14
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Issue #14 also features a stunning four plate portfolio by Michael L. Peters based on the Solomon Kane story “The Hills of the Dead,” and a full color El Borak cover painting also by Peters.

Also of interest is Mark Finn’s  ”The Old Time Radio Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan,” which details the creative process involved and preparation involved adapting several of Howard’s “Sailor” Steve Costigan stories into radio plays.

Contents Include:

  • “The Curly Wolf of Sawtooth” by Robert E. Howard, illustrated by Richard Pace
  • “The Hills of the Dead: A Solomon Kane Portfolio” by Michael L. Peters
  • “The Old Time Radio Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan” by Mark Finn, illustrated by John Lucas
  • “It Really Wasn’t a Game: El Borak and the Victorian Cold War” by Brian Leno
  • “From Bran Mak Morn to Beyond the Black River: The Evolution of the Picts in Robert E. Howard’s Fiction by Simon Sanahujas, illustrated by Bob Covington
  • “The Monster in the Jungle: “Red Nails” and the Return of the Repressed” by David Hardy, illustrated by Didier Normand
  • Unmasking “The Shadow Kingdom:” Kull and Howard as Outsiders by Brian Murphy, illustrated by Bill Cavalier
  • Reviews of The Dark Man journal by Don Herron and Deuce Richardson
  • El Borak Cover by Michael L. Peters
  • Inside Front and Back Covers: Scenes from “Nekht Semerkeht” by Terry Pavlet
  • Back Cover: Terence Vulmea by Robert Sankner
  • Plus additional artwork and features.

Don’t miss out on this issue which is chock full of essays, articles, art, reviews and Howard fiction — order your copy today.  You can find price and ordering information on the Issues for Sale page.

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