NSA Persuasive Essay

In light of recent events it is evident that the issue of government spying has become more prevalent - NSA Persuasive Essay introduction. With the growth of power and resources within the government it is possible that they have overextended their reach into to the lives of their citizens. The capabilities of the government, both known and unknown, have been abused in an unconstitutional way and many people are woefully apathetic.

In the past few months new discoveries have been made uncovering the activities of several government agencies. There has been an unearthing of facts that outline the collaboration between several large companies in possession of massive amounts of information concerning the whereabouts and habits of citizens with agencies that intended to analyze this data, these partnerships being PRISM. The most frightening part of these events is not the unconstitutional acts of the government but the response of the citizens. Even with full knowledge of data harvesting and tracking, many choose to simply adopt the philosophy of, “I have nothing to hide, let them read my stuff.” People that follow this channel of thinking are making the mistake of assuming that they know what the government is looking for. What they fail to realize is, is that this attitude directly enables the government to take more and more control. The erosion of civil liberties is something to fear, not because of the idea of an immediate shift, but because those liberties will be gone before a realization of what is happening, and at which point a recourse is no longer on option.

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Concerning the accusation of unconstitutional behavior, it has been made clear the on repeated occasions those agencies such as the NSA have reported that they are capable of “self-auditing.” One of the main pillars of the Constitution is to enable the system of checks and balances, and to separate the judicial power from the police power. The Constitution is supposed to uphold liberty regardless of the precautions needed; it wasn’t intended to uphold “safety.” This type of access to information also rubs against the Fourth Amendment, which entitles citizens the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.

What should be feared the most from this entire chain of events is the fact that so few care about the possibility, however slim it might be, of the removal of their civil rights. To properly determine the constitutionality of these programs, a Supreme Court decision needs to be made.

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