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Nuclear Fission and Engineering Science

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Engineering Science II Tutorial

Atomic & Nuclear Physics

  1. Q1. The radioactive nuclide 199Pt has a half-life of 30.8 minutes. A sample is prepared that has an initial activity of 7. 56x1011Bq.
  • (a) How many 199Pt nuclei are initially present in the sample?
  • (b) How many are present after 308minutes? What is the activity at this time?
  • (c) Repeat part (b) for a time 92.4 minutes after the sample is first prepared.
    • (a) 2. 02×1015,
    • (b) 1. 01×1015, 3. 78x1011Bq,
    • (c) 2. 52×1014, 9. 45x1010Bq
  1. Q2. The unstable isotope 40K is used for the dating of rock samples.

    Its half-life is 1. 28×109 years.

  • (a) How many decays occur per second in a sample containing 1. 63×10-6g of 40K?
  • (b) What is the activity of the sample in curies? 0. 421Bq , 1. 14×10-11Ci (a)
  1. Q3. The most common (99. 3%) isotope of Uranium, 238U, has a half-life of 4. 47×109 years, decaying to 234Th by emission.
  • (a) What is the decay constant?
  • (b) What mass of uranium would be required for an activity of 12. 0? Ci?
  • (c) How many ? particles are emitted per second by 60.
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    0g of 238U? -18 -1

    • (a) 4. 1×10 s ,
    • (b) 35. 7g,
    • (c) 7. 46×105
  1. Q4. Consider the nuclear reaction 2 9 X + 4 He where X is a nuclide. 1 H + 4 Be 2
  • (a) What are the values of Z and A for the nuclide X?
  • (b) How much energy is liberated?
  • (c) Estimate the threshold energy for this reaction.
    • (a) Z=3, A=7,
    • (b) 7. 151MeV,
    • (c) 1. 4MeV
  1. Q5. Consider the nuclear reaction 2 1 H + 14 N 7 X +10 B 5 where X is a nuclide.
  • (a) What are Z and A for the nuclide X?
  • (b) Calculate the reaction energy Q (in MeV).
  • (c) If the 2 H nucleus is incident on a stationary 1 must it have for the reaction to occur?
    • (a) Z=3, A=6,
    • (b) -10. 14MeV,
    • (c) 11. 60MeV Q6. A 235 92 14 7 N
  1. Q6. What minimum kinetic energy U nucleus at rest absorbs a low-energy neutron. What is the internal excitation 236 92 energy of the U * nucleus that is produced? The atomic masses of the neutral atoms in 235 92 their nuclear ground states are 235. 043923u for
  • (a) 6. 545MeV
  1. Q7. U and 236. 045562u for 236 92 U. The atomic mass of 25 Mg is 24. 985837u, and the atomic mass of 25 Al is 24. 990429u. 12 13
  • (a) Which of these nuclei will decay into the other?
  • b) What type of decay will occur? Explain how you determined this
  • (c) How much energy in (MeV) is released in the decay? ATGE1073
  1. Q8. Consider the fusion reaction: 2 1 N is 13. 005739u. H+ 2 H 1 3 2 1 He+ 0 n. Estimate the barrier energy by calculating the repulsive electrostatic potential energy of the two 2 H nuclei when they touch.
  • (b) Compute the energy liberated in this reaction in MeV and in joules.
  • (c) Compute the energy liberated per mole of deuterium, remembering that the gas is diatomic, and compare with the heat of combustion of hydrogen, about 2. 9x105J/mol.
  • (a) 0. 48MeV,
  • (b) 3. 270MeV=5. 239×10-11J,
  • (c) 3. 155x1011J/mol Q10. In an experiment, the isotope I is created by the irradiation of I with a beam of 128 6 128 neutrons that creates 1. 5×10 I nuclei per second.

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